Friday, June 29, 2007

The Problem with America's Vast Power!

America is the greatest power on earth - the greatest in history, yet for some crazy reason or other, America is made to feel ashamed and embarrassed for it's great power. This is insane, America doesn't need or have to apologize to anyone for it's power, be it a single human being, a whole country or the entire world for that power!

Terrorist's are acutely aware of this lack of pride in it's power, a fact that has emboldened them to think that they can attack America both verbally and physically with near total impunity.

Would Islamic groups threaten to attack, let's say New York or Washington, if they knew that in doing so the America would immediately nuke the holy city of Mecca, turning it into nothing more than a giant radioactive hole in ground, uninhabitable for the next 100 years? I don't think so!

It's time America stops apologizing for it's great power and simply start using it without worrying about public opinion, either that on it's own shores or that of foreign shores. These are largely, by the way, foreign powers that are intent on doing any thing that they can to criticize or damage America economically, politically, militarily or in it's world image.

All of these powers must learn to respect and fear that great power, which is naturally impossible as long as they think America is to scared to use it! First of all, America itself must learn to respect and take pride in that power, rather than feeling ashamed of it. Again, America has no reason to apologize to anyone for it's great power and influence in the world.

The greatest damage being done from America's lack of pride in it's great power, however, is to it's own standing among the nations of this world! This can only strengthen America's enemies, some of whom are totally evil beyond belief. This is more than silly, insane or what not.... it's suicidal! How long can America's attitude towards it's own great power weaken that same power and perhaps for all time?

If America really wants to be respected among the nations of the world, it must first demonstrate that it's not afraid of using it's great power!

Power unused is power wasted.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this day of Friday the 29th. (Happy iPhone Day!)

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