Wednesday, July 25, 2007

146,000 iPhone Registrations, Disappoints!

With analysts predicting up to 500,000 iPhones being sold in the first two days of it's release, the announcement by AT&T that only 146,000 users registered them in the first two days sent Apple's stock skidding some six percent yesterday, its biggest slide in six months.

However, it is being pointed out that a lot of people have been having difficulties in registering their new iPhones, many of which had to wait several days before being able to do so. It was a news story in-and-of-itself, you might recall?

This means, of course, that the sales of the iPhone is definitely higher than what AT&T has reported. The question that everybody wants to know, of course, is by how much?

Today, Apple will be releasing it's third quarter results so the final numbers will be known, and should help answer the question as to whether the iPhone is truly the hit people that some have claimed is, or, as others are pointing out, that it is a flop.

The iPhone is truly a great product, one, no doubt, that will get even better in the future, so I wouldn't panic over the recent news. One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone, along with it being exclusively tied with AT&T, is the slower EDGE network used, and according to several analysts this will be solved soon by the introduction of new 3G models that should be out by this November.

Overly excited analysts, more than anything, are to be blamed for the recent drop in Apple's stock. Analysts are, after all, just making educated guess's, one's that unfortunately just happen to have the ability to wipe billions of dollars from a company's market cap.

Already, today Apple's stock is up a healthy $1.86 and should, hopefully, be even higher after Apple gives us the final sales figures for this 'game changing' devise. Or at least I hope so?

And that's my 2 cents 4 today, the 25th. of July, 2007.

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