Thursday, July 19, 2007

Apple Grabs 4th. Spot in US Market.

With 5.6% of the U.S. market, Apple has grabbed the number 4 spot in US computer sales. This is up from 4.8% during the same quarter last year, giving Apple an increase of 26.2%. Gateway, at the same time, however, saw a significant drop from 6.5% last year down to 5.6% during the last quarter. Gateway only sold 5,000 more units than Apple, so, in reality, according to many experts, Apple and Gateway are virtually tied for the 3 rd. spot!

HP and Dell with 28.4% and 23.6% respectfully, remain in first and second place. However, Apple failed to make the top 5 in worldwide sales. Apple is reported to have sold 960,000 computers in the past quarter. reported, “Apple has seen continuous sales upside in the PC segment since the transition of its computer line-ups to the Intel chip, with progression rates well above the industry. This quarter global PC shipments grew 12.5%.”

In related news, out of Australia is reporting that the Mac maker is enjoying growth 3:1 over pc’s and stated, “No matter how you slice it, these numbers are good news for the Mac fraternity who have been somewhat fearful for the last couple of years that Apple may be turning more into a music company than a computer company (fuelled by the fact that Apple dropped "Computer" from its name recently, deciding to go with "Apple Inc" instead). However, with computer sales growth of over three times the market Apple is gaining share.

What makes these numbers even more impressive is the fact that all other PC vendors in the ranking sell machines at many more different price points than Apple offers. With the iPhone released, expect the 'halo' effect to drive more and more consumers to the Mac platform.”

Here are the US Computer rankings:

Rank Vendor 2Q07

Shipments Market

Share 2Q06

Shipments Market

Share 2Q07/2Q06


1 Dell 4,854 28.4% 5,437 34.1% -10.7%
2 HP 4,023 23.6% 3,193 20.0% 26.0%
3 Gateway 965 5.6% 1,039 6.5% -7.1%
4 Apple 960 5.6% 761 4.8% 26.2%
5 Toshiba 901 5.3% 600 3.8% 50.0%
6 Acer 888 5.2% 337 2.1% 163.8%

Others 4,492 26.3% 4,569 28.7% -1.7%

All Vendors 17,083 100.0% 15,936 100.0% 7.2%

Its amazing that seemingly not that long ago people were predicting that Apple was about to go out of business any day now, but in reality this amazing, one-of-a-kind, company has consistently proved it’s critic’s wrong time and time again.

With Apple firing on all cylinders these days Apple stock today hit another all time record. It is now trading at $146.46! This gives Apple a whopping market cap of over 121 B, and closing in fast on HP which trades at 48.47 B, and who’s market cap weighs in at just under 127 B. Truly, baring any major difficulities, Apple should surpass HP, at least in market cap, very soon. Remember: HP is the not only the largest US computer maker, but also the world’s. And yet, people say that Apple doesn't matter?

What this means, with Apple market cap in the top five of high-tech companies, that the Mac is back and making monkey’s out of it’s critics.

Frankly, and monkeys they deserve to be.

And that’s my 2 cents for Wednesday, the 19th. Of July, 2007.

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