Friday, August 3, 2007

Leopard Receives 100% Unix 03 Certification

In the past, only three companies had the distinction and the prestige of having UNIX 03 certification. The big three, as they are known are HP, Sun and IBM. The big three have now, however, just become known as the big four, as Apple has just received certification, by the Open Brand, as a geniune 100% Unix 03 system for it's upcoming OSX Leopard OS.

The Unix 03 certification is the internationally accepted guarantee of conformance to recognized standards, and elevates Apple's status to a tier-one Unix operating system, something that is no small feat, and especially for a BSD based OS.

Wow! What can I say but congratulations and way to go Apple! This is great news for those who love to brag about the superiority of their preferred choice of OS's. Many OS's, such as Linux, can brag that they are 'Unix Like', but OS X users, well, at least, future users of Leopard anyway, will now be able to honestly boast that they are a real 100%, certified UNIX system, and Unix 03, no less at that.

For the average user, of course, I'm not quite sure if they will notice anything different the next time they boot up their OS, but, at least, when it comes to bragging rights, it's one more thing that they can add to the pile, and, In the case of OS X, that pile that is starting to stack up rather high indeed.

And that's my 2 cents 4 the day on Unix 03 certification for August 03, 2007.

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