Friday, August 24, 2007

Youssif, another precious sacrifice in the war on terrorism!

People, the world over, love to criticize President Bush's war on terrorism. They will point out a million different reasons to end the support of US troops in Iraq. It's not needed they say, let the Iraqi's deal with the terrorists themselves, it's none of our business.

They couldn't be more wrong. Case in point: Precious, beautiful Youssif... a boy who is beautiful no more! At least, his face isn't. That's because terrorists, five of them, masked and armed with matches and gasoline picked poor little and helpless Youssif out of a crowd and set him on fire! Why, it helps keep the populace in check and too frightened to hinder the terrorists from getting their objectives achieved, that's why.

According to CNN, Youssif's story has touched the hearts of it's viewers like no other has in it's 13-year history and has led to an outpouring of sympathy and offers of help for the precious child. Indeed, it should! But what about the war on terror? It probably will not change people's views. Why as long as it is the Americans in charge, Bush in particular, the world will do all in it's power to frustrate, hinder and complicate matters. There is, you see, a very real hatred for any one or anything that America stands for in the world and little Youssif's horror isn't going to help change that view.

Now getting back to precious little Youssif, CNN reports that he will be flown, with his family, to the United States were he will receive all the necessary treatment that he needs and that medical science can provide. Youssif is in my prayers. I can't stop thinking about him. How could any one, even in a million, billion years, even think of doing what those Islamic monsters did to that sweet innocent child? Its inhuman, its appalling, its sickening, its unthinkable and its why the United States is in Iraq in the first place and its why we are fighting terrorism there and elsewhere. These EVIL, TWISTED, MURDEROUS, ASSHOLES have to be stopped because the terrorist threat is getting worse, not better!

One thing that people should remember when considering the fate of this precious, innocent, little Iraqi boy is that, if and when, the terrorist can, they plan on doing the very same thing to the children of the United States and the entire western world, and with any means at their disposal, if we don't become subject to their will and give up our freedoms by converting to their religion. Already there are reports that Al Qeda has smuggled several suite-case nuclear weapons into the country and are just waiting for the signal from Bin Ladin to use them!

So, next time you think about the war on terrorism, think and reflect on the pictures of poor little Youssif, and remember, if we don't fight terrorism now, Youssiff's fate could very well be that of our own precious and innocent children, children who could suffer at the hands of these very same monsters! Let's beat them into nothing, were every they are, when ever we can, however we can; if we fail to fight them in Iraq and elsewhere now, we will only have to fight them later on our own soil later.

The choice is ours, let's not blow it!

Little Youssif, you are in my prayers and thoughts. I will never forget you; I will never stop hurting, thinking or caring about you!

And that is my 2 cents 4 the day, Friday, August 23, 2007.

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