Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blog-4-the-Day: Wordstrumpet's

Do you love words, the way they sound, the way they look, their meanings? Do you ever fancy yourself as a writer, a person who can 'wordsmith' with the best of them; do you have a burning and a longing to write, but your not sure where or how to begin?

Well, if the above describes you, then I have good news for you as our 'Blog-4-the-Day' is Wordstrumpet's, by Charlotte Rain Dixon, a free-lance writer, novelist, copy writer and creative writing teacher from Portland, Oregon, who likes to make frequent trips, she says, to LA and Nashville."

Wordstrumpet's is a fantastic blog  that I became acquainted with through a website called, Blog Catalog - a great tool and resource for anyone interested in blogging and writing. I really love Charlotte's writing.  Its crisp, factual, helpful and down right entertaining and fun to read. Her writing style is humorous and unpretentious. She makes you, the reader, feel like your apart of her own family... a nice feeling indeed!

Besides, she really knows her stuff and her blog has been a great resource for me personally and I know it will also be to anyone out there who is in anyway interested in anything to do with the world of writing.  The internet is growing and, as she points out, its main building blocks are words, words that you can help supply.

Wordstrumpet can show you how you too can write and possibly earn money, at the same time, as a self published writer, something that she points out is quite different from publishing through a vanity press..... something she strongly advices against. A lot of people really don't know the difference, but with Charlotte's help you can not only know the difference, but you can learn how to avoid the many pitfalls that a lot of people fall into in their quest to write.

Just some of the recent and very informative posts featured on Wordstrumpet are:

Writing Tip: Second Best of the Week

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Nanowrimo Prep

Rewriting Without Ruination

Make Money Writing Online, Three--The Benefits of Internet Freelancing, and too many others to mention here.

So, take it from me, if you ever wanted to start your own blog, write a book, ghost-write, or earn money by writing online, etc., than Wordstrumpet's can help you get your feet started on the right path to possibly an exciting, new and rewarding career, but you have to read it first, so, do yourself a favor and click on her blog's link below. You can thank me later.

And thats my 2 cents 4 this Wednesday, October 31, 2007.




suchsimplepleasures said...

i noticed that you stopped by my blog. i'm so glad you did! i am an aspiring children's author. i have a few pieces that i've been trying to get published...so very frustrating. but, i'm going to check out wordstrumpet and...i'll be visiting your blog, often!

Charlotte said...

Thank you so much, Don! I'm heading over to my blog to write a post about your post. I am honored to be your blog of the day.

Square1 said...

I recently discovered Charlotte I believe through Terry Heath's blog, or maybe it was through Write Stuff. In any case I couldn't agree with you more on everything you said. I look forward to the tips and tricks she posts on her blog, though I must admit I am a terrible lurker.

Square1 said...

Thanks for pointing out the issue with Youtube on my page. Grr... Anyway I posted a new video if you still care to hear it and bumped the post.

Pablothehat said...

Absolutely Don! Charlotte's web presence as Wordstrumpet is a real help or those of us, like me, who are late adopters to blogging.
I have just come on to your site and I will have a good poke about after I have made a nice hot drink!
Thanks for your comments Don and I hope to provide stuff you might enjoy!