Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Blogging Shock and Surprise!

My new and best friend, in beautiful Portland, Oregon, is Charlotte Rain Dixon. As a professional free-lance writer I was honored recently when she did a little piece on my little blog on her great blog - Word Strumpet! It was an unexpected honor for sure, but she did forewarn me.

However, on Sunday I accidentally stumbled on another great blog, Tao of Blog, which shocked and surprised me when I discovered that they too did a little post on my blog! Wow... thanks guys, it was so unexpected, but so much appreciated. I'm honored and humbled, for sure, that you both took the time to do so. Truly, I'm not worthy, but again, I am honored!

Getting back to Tao of Blogs, its author, Pablo, describes his blog as: "A personal review portal and blog for DVD's and videos, music, software, websites and books with links to on-line articles covering, but not limited to: writing and blogging, classic and contemporary literature, poets, poetry and philosophy, politics and current events, computers, peripherals and accessories, alternative therapies, health and nutrition." I describe it as delightful and informative. So, check out his link below. Its a great blog with a great concept behind it.

Now, getting back to my little blog, I must say, that even though I have a feature called, 'Blog-4-the-Day," I never imagined, in a million years, that someone would consider to write anything about my little 'practice blog,' My 2 Cents 4 the Day. This blog was created for therapeutic reasons - to help me learn how to adjust to my extreme fatigue syndrome which results from a genetic liver condition, and to help me get back to writing children's material, including books for Associated Creations, that I have been forced, for health reasons, to put on hold for the past three years or so.

I'm happy to report, that thus far, it seems to be working and hopefully, very soon now, I shall get back to doing what I was trained for and love the best: creating silly and crazy articles and books that will entertain and delight children everywhere?

I was planing to delete and kill off this blog in the very near future, but now I am not so sure because of people like Pablo and Charlotte, and, also, of course, because of all of the wonderful people, from all around the world, who have stop by to check out or read my blog and especially the many fine folks who have commented on one of my 132 posts that I have written thus far.

Again, a bucket full of thanks to you guys. Maybe - just maybe I won't kill off this little blog for a while yet?

And thats my 2 cents on My 2 Cents 4 the Day, 4 Monday, November 5, 2007

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