Friday, November 30, 2007

MacTablet Anyone?

Looprumors has posted an artist's rendering of a possible MacTablet PC. It looks great and with the possibility of it running OS X Leopard, complete with the iPhone's amazing 'Mult-Touch' capabilities, thrown in, it would simply blow the other Window based table pc's out of the water! But since tablet pc's have not become quite exactly the success that Microsoft's Bill Gate promised they would be, I'm not really sure if there is a need for a MacTablet. Of course, I could be dead wrong; God only knows how many times I have been in the past?

Still, the idea of Apple designing and building a MacTablet device has me interested. If anybody out there can design and build a useable tablet pc I'm sure it is Apple. Especially with Apple's Mult-Touch technology driving the tablet it would be, infact, a miniaturerized version of Microsoft's giant "Surface" coffee table! A lot of people really like that one (for a change) and the idea that you could have one for the price of a MacBook Pro would be a definite asset. Microsoft's Surface device weighs hundreds of pounds and can cost up to $15,000, a little too expensive for most pocket books and certainly a pound or two too heavy to lug around the house!

Of course, I doubt that you would be able to order a drink, and such, on it the way the Surface is supposed to be able to do, but then again, you can't pick up a Surface device and carry it around town either. If you can, then I hope I never meet or make you mad at me for any reason what so ever! 

A miniature version of the Surface device, however, may just be capable of syncing with your digital camera, printer, home computer, internet (of course) and other devices. This would allow you, via Bonjour, to download your camera's pictures automatically, print your screen or documents wirelessly, video chat with other MacTablets, etc. 

As Looprumors points out, there has been speculation, ever since Apple axed the Newton, that Apple would eventually return and produced some kind of tablet. Now with Mult-Touch technology in the bag, more people than ever are contemplating that Apple may indeed make a such move into this area.

According to Looprumors:

"From the information we gathered, here's what we know: Apple will gear this new device at those users who already own Macs. The iTablet will run its own version of Mac OS X Leopard, specifically designed for the device. The iTablet will interact with other devices better than an iPhone or iPod. Users will be able to screen share with their home or work computer from a remote location, video conference with other users, and information suggests the iTablet will have beaming capabilities.

Recent data we received suggests there will be solid state storage as well as a mini DVD drive, possibly explaining today's find that Apple is working on a mini-disc adapter. All of the standard I/O ports are said to be exposed on the side of the device, keeping the front and back simple, in Apple's classic design that we've become accustomed to. A mouse attached would confirm earlier reports that Apple is using this display as a hybrid display capable of receiving inputs from multiple sources (hands, mouse, stylus). And although details of the outside are sketchy at best, the iTablet is said to be composed of glass, with one button on the face of the unit, sporting a metallic Apple logo on the back."

The idea of any MacTablet interacting with other devices is a given. The idea that you could share the screen with your home or work computer is really interesting. Video conferencing with other MacTablet users is even more so! I like that idea that your wife could be at one end of a giant mall and you at the other and you could communicate, with both video and sound, with each other. Imagine, she could hold up a piece of clothing and say something like, "Honey, I was thinking of buying these for you, which color do you like, the blue or the yellow one?" That would be great. I love it. What ever she is holding up, I pick the blue ones, but until Apple releases such a tablet I will just have to guess to what it is?

I'm not sure where Looprumors, of course, is getting all of this information, so as far as I'm concerned its all that - just rumor and speculation, but an interesting one at that. I'm beginning to think that the idea of a MacTablet is not that bad of an idea after all. I thought the idea originally was rather lame, at least, the one presented by Microsoft and others. But we are talking about Apple here and, if you ask me, that makes the whole thing a different affair alltogether.

With my curiosity peeked, all I can say is: "Bring it on Apple; surprise me, enchant me and absolutely WOW me as you have done so many times in the past. But pleaseeeeeeeee...... make it affordable and make it quick!

And thats my 2 cents on a possible MacTablet 4 this sunny Friday, November 30, 2007


Tom said...

I think Apple would be much better served by a "mini" portable than a tablet. The market for the former is much larger than the market for the latter.

And, really, unless the "mini" is along the lines of the old PowerBook 12"I think it will not be worth the effort. For all people talk about a "mini" laptop, when push comes to shove they're not willing to give up all that a laptop usually provides.

Apple is good at making thin, light, full-featured notebooks, and I would think going with a smaller screen is the real key to them building a "mini".

The interesting question is what would they base it on? In the case of the 12" PB G4 they based it on the "pro" models. Would they do the same here, or base it on the MacBook, or do an all-new design?

The 12" PB was introduced with the all-new 17" PB. Maybe they'll re-design one of their laptops and introduce a smaller one at the same time.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks for another great comment Tom. Whether Apple should or shouldn't build a MacTablet, I'm still not sure of? Only thing I know, that if they do, it will be a much better device than what we have seen from the Windows camp.

A lot of people want one of those 'mini's' but whether Apple gives it to us, that's the question.

I can live without a MacTablet, but if Apple is going that route, I hope they do it fast, but more importantly - they do it right? Time will tell?