Tuesday, November 6, 2007

OS X Based Tablet PC, Can It Be True?

For some time now, some people have been speculating that Apple will eventually announce a new OS X based tablet PC - but could it be possible, could it actually be true?

Well, according to Crave.cnet, it is not only true, but Asus is helping in them in the process! Asus is already a contract manufacturer for Apple. It already builds MacBooks and they told Crave that they were working on a new blueprint unlike anything that they have done thus far, and Crave furthermore speculates that the new upcoming design might possibly be based on a patent that Apple filed back in May of 2005. You can read more from the link below.

Well, if Apple does eventually releases a Mac based tablet pc, it would be very interesting for several reasons:

One is that Apple has, in the past, downplayed the idea of the tablet pc.

Two, if it did, like the iPhone, any OS X tablet pc, without question, would include Apple's iPhone 'Multi Touch technology and Apple's world-famous design prowess! This would, in my humble opinion, be a perfect fit and would be a significant improvement over existing tablet pc's.

Tablet pc's thus far have been far from the success that Bill Gates and others have predicted they would be, but if anybody could make it happen it would be Apple.

Crave says there is absolutely, however, no indication when Apple fan boys can expect to get their sweat drenched palms on one, which is a big bummer. I'm not even sure I would want a tablet pc, but, on the other hand, knowing Apple and all the coolness that they bring to the market, I wouldn't be surprised if they changed my mind.

One way or the other, I want to see what Apple can do with tablet pc's, whether I end up with one or not. This is true simply because I know that what ever the genius's at Apple do, one thing is certain: it will be game changing and super duper cool to boot!

So bring it on Apple!

And thats my 2 cents on any potential OS X based tablet pc 4 Tuesday, November 6, 2007


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