Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pic-4-the-Day: A Spring Day

A well known singer may have left his heart in San Francisco, but this unknown blogger has left his heart in southern Germany, which just happens to be the subject for my 'Pic-4-the-Day' feature. Today's pic is: 'A Spring Day,' from the beautiful and glorious Bavarian countryside!

This pic comes to us from Rainbow11's wonderful Flickr page and, as you can plainly see, it is a beauty! This photo seems more like a painting than a photograph as its subject, color and composition are just about as good as it gets.

The fabulous German countryside is just bursting with seemingly every color of the rainbow and then some. The lush and bright fields makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful and they are just so beautiful and inviting - I feel like jumping into them! The dark forest surrounding those glorious fields couldn't have asked for a more beautiful backdrop - the German Alps, as they proudly pose so majestically as their dizzying heights reach for the heaven's.

With scenes like these, is it any wonder that my heart longs and aches to be in this great nation to indulge further in the natural beauty that God has so richly and abundantly blessed it with everywhere you turn?

Well, if like me, you can't return or visit this great and beautiful nation in person, you and I can, at least, visit it through the eyes of Ranibow11's wonderful photography and for that all I can say is thanks Rainbow11. 

So do yourself a favor check out her other great pics at the link below and enjoy! Sehr wunderbar bilden!

And thats my 2 cents on my pic-4-the-day, 4 this Thursday, November 8, 2007.


Meghna said...

Hi literature lover,
Thanks for dropping by my blog and posting those kind words. I love the pic. It's simply beautiful combined with your writings.

I'll be back soon!

Renate said...

Dear Don,

hi, I´m rainbow11 and totally surprised and happy about your wonderful words to my picture!!
Your description says exactly what I feelt when I took the picture and everytime when I see this wonderful nature.
Thank you so much for taking attention and posting in your blog!

Should you ever have the possibility to visit this place let me know!
(I´m sorry, my english is not so good.....)

With best wishes