Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pics-4-the-Day: "Oh Deer!"

Today, lacking much time, I again hereby post yet another one of my 'Pic-4-the-Day' features, or, in this case, should I say pictures? Today, after flickering through Flickr, I decided to feature some fabulous deer pics, from several great Flickr photographers that, hopefully, you will enjoy as much as I did.

My first featured pic is from my favorite photographer, Eric Karr, shown above. I have featured several pics from this master photographer before as they are great works of art, as you can easily see from the enduring shot above.

Just look at that adorable face. The lush colors, so warm, so soft, surrounding this creature, just makes you want to reach out and hug and pet it. Look again into those big black eyes and tell me what you see? I see a magnificent shot of a tiny, fragile and magnificent creature, a creature to be appreciated and cherished as this photo itself.

Shown above, our second Flickr pic comes to us from 'Nil!'s' photo-stream and again, what can I say but, "Wonderful - absolutely wonderful!" This great shot of two deer peacefully grazing in a most spectacular setting, is so charming and so delightful.

The deer in the pic may be at a distance, but the colors and the setting are truly what makes this the great photo what it is - great! Again, look closely at the colors as the blend into each other. Soft, warm and inviting, a true millennial and Utopian like atmosphere, I could look at this pic for hours and never tire of it.

From Flickr's, 'Randome Images from The Hearland,' photo stream, we next have a truly magnificent shot of a most magnificent animal in all its magnificence! This is a proud animal, powerful in physical strength and spirit, which can easily be seen in its pose and the determined look in its eyes.

This animal, I'm sure, is not one that you or I would want mess with, especially considering its proud spirit and, not to forget - those ever so big antlers! This is an animal that stands tall and proud among its surroundings, and one which could easily give a Grizzly bear a hard time, if it was inclined to do so.

A silhouette of color is the best description one could give to this wonderful photo from, 'Today is a good day,' Flickr's photo stream. Here, seven great deer majestically pose against a setting sun - the fire red sky bathing these great creatures as they await the night and whatever it might bring?

What are these animals thinking, I wonder as they cast their gaze towards the photographer who was so privileged as to make their acquaintance? The owner may have titled this picture, "Guardians of the horizon - one more time," but one could easily have titled it, "Guardians of Wonder," for that is what comes to my mind whenever I view this wonderful photo!

"Simultaneousness," is what Imapix's calls this great pic from his Flickr's photo stream. Just look at those faces, will you? They are so adorable, so cute.... ooohhh, I just want to hug and pet them so much... don't you? Of course you do.

I've always wondered how these creatures and others survived the cold winter months? Happily, in this case, these beautiful creatures seem to be doing fine, just fine, thank you very much. Too bad the third deer was camera shy though, as I'm sure it is as equally beautiful as the others.

Again, I'm forced to wonder what they too were thinking as they stared back with those huge and beautiful black eyes? Also, where are they going and what are their hopes and dreams? Do deers even dream? I can't answer that, but I can say, most assuredly, that this is indeed a very dreamy photo as the composition, colors and background are really wonderful.

Ah, one more pic from master photographer, Eric Karr, titled, "Three Deer." This is the photo that made me want to feature deers in the first place. Just look at it - its wonderful, absolutely delightful and inspiring! The lush, soft green color of the background and the innocent look in those inquisitive eyes makes this yet another favorite of mine.

I love Eric's work so much, and this photo is just one more reason for me to do so. Like you, no doubt, that little baby doe really makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Its looks like spring and the deer will soon be gifted with new grass and leaves to munch on, allowing them to forget the rigors of the winter past.

My last pic is titled, " Deer in the Headlights," and is from Debbieskids Flickr's photo stream, and it is by far the 'dearest' pic of them all ! Ok, this 'dear' is no 'deer,' but she is absolutely the dearest little creature featured here today and by a good country mile.

Even though these little creatures can sometimes act like little animals, they are, in reality, the most precious of any creature, anywhere. Just look at that adorable face with those absolutely gorgeous and big, big, Baby Blues!  Charming, absolutely charming!

This great pic is totally delightful and heart warming in everyway, and, if this pic can't melt your heart, then its about as cold as a 'dead-moose-in-heat,' as I like to say. The expression on this beautiful 'dear' is priceless and that hair.... what can I say?

To start: "Baby - your beautiful, just beautiful!"

And thats my 2 cents on deers 4 this Wednesday, November 14 (already!), 2007


Serena said...

Thanks for searching out those magnificent shots and sharing them.

About the rhinoceros, indeed they are frightening. I am not sure what actually moved me to write about them but somehow they stood out. :D

Thanks for visiting Nature Delight.


I am a lover of children's literature said...

Actually, thank you Serena for taking the time to view my blog and the great photos that others have labored to produce.

Nothing is nicer than receiving a comment on one of your posts, as you are probably aware, being a blogger yourself.

So, thanks again.

Nick said...

I'd like to be a paid writer and have people know of my books. I'm hoping this gives me a good start. Thank you for the compliments at my kidbloggers post! I'm glad I you have an appreciation for the fun I'm having blogging.
By the way, the only thing i put in MY cereal is milk. :]

BTW, I really like the Simultaneousness pic you posted.


I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks for you comment Nick. As for writing, I think you are on your way. You and Meghna are rare so keep up the writing. It can only get better and better the more you write.