Monday, November 26, 2007

The REAL Vista "WOW!"

Microsoft introduced Vista with the catch phrase, "The WOW Starts Now!" The 'Wow' started about a year ago and I'm reporting that Vista is still 'Wowing' the tech world today, but for Microsoft, its mostly for all of the wrong reasons.

After close to a year in the marketplace, Microsoft's Vista can now rack up yet another "Wow" - it made it into the list of the, "Top ten terrible tech products," as reported by CNET! "Wow," indeed. Microsoft and its shills are probably not going to, I predict, be using this list, any time soon, in their Vista marketing or Vista articles. CNET reasons for Vista's inclusion in its top terrible list are as follows:

"Any operating system that provokes a campaign for its predecessor's reintroduction deserves to be classed as terrible technology. Any operating system that quietly has a downgrade-to- previous-edition option introduced for PC makers deserves to be classed as terrible technology. Any operating system that takes six years of development but is instantly hated by hordes of PC professionals and enthusiasts deserves to be classed as terrible technology.

Windows Vista conforms to all of the above. Its incompatibility with hardware, its obsessive requirement of human interaction to clear security dialogue box warnings and its abusive use of hated DRM, not to mention its general pointlessness as an upgrade, are just some examples of why this expensive operating system earns the final place in our terrible tech list."

Wow, just another article on how Vista's "Wow," fails to wow the tech world - and this after some six years and six billion dollars of development from Microsoft! It says a lot when Microsoft feels the need to trumpet its next OS, Windows 7, so early on in the game, in-order to help deflect all of the criticisms that Vista has been garnishing! Apple, on the other hand, has barely mentioned a word on Leopard's replacement, except to say that it will be here sometime in the next 18 months or so.

In the meantime, OS X's Leopard continues, in the press, to garnish headlines such as, "Mac OS X Leopard: A perfect 10," from major news sources such as InfoWorld. There has, in-fact, been so many positive reviews of Leopard, among the few negative ones, that it would be hard to mention them all here, be they from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Cnet, PcWorld, etc.

Sadly for the chaps in Redmond, for every positive article on Leopard, Vista seams to receive one or more negative articles and for good reason - Microsoft never should have released it in the first place - it simply wasn't ready.

But, on the other hand, I can understand that Microsoft had little choice - with over a half-a-decade of delays, and a zillion dropped features, they had to do something desperate and something fast to help dispel all of the techs world growing acknowledgment of OS X's superiority over Windows! It was an act of desperation on Microsoft's part and one that, despite their spin on things, makes Microsoft look more and more like an empire in decline.

Despite Microsoft's claims that Vista is doing really fantastic, its really not, as can be seen in other articles such as Microsoft Watch's recent posting, which just pointed out:

"The KACE commissioned study, like the Forrester report before it, showed an unusually high percentage of IT organizations with no plans to deploy Windows Vista.

The adoption numbers, which are low, remind of Windows 2000. The operating system also got off to a slow start its first year of release.

Consistently, analysts, IT managers and solution providers cite application compatibility as the main reason delaying Vista deployments."

Wow again! Its business's, not the consumer market that Microsoft makes most of its OS sales from, so its not looking to rosy for the members of the Vista's team, but for Linux and Apple fans, its another story.

Continuing, ZDNet also further recently reported that,

"Almost a year on from the release of Microsoft's Windows Vista, only 13 percent of companies say they expect to move all desktops to the operating system, according to a survey released this week. Furthermore, adoption of Linux continues to gather pace, with a particular emphasis on the desktop emerging."

They also added,

"A survey of 961 independently selected IT professionals found that 90 percent still have concerns about the migration to Vista, and 48 percent have not yet deployed Vista in any way. Forty-four percent said they are "considering" alternative operating systems — mostly Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Red Hat Linux, Suse Linux and Ubuntu."

By far, some surveys have shown that the growing interest by IT departments, that are considering alternative OS's, is that OS X is the main beneficiary for any possible shift from Windows. This is something that could be very exciting for Apple, even if only a fraction of them actually take action on their growing doubts over Vista.

I remember, for years and years, being taunted by Window fan-boys, that Microsoft was unbeatable, that they were just too far ahead of anybody else for anybody to catch up with them. Now it seems that the real 'Wow' is that Microsoft is starting to look like its not only beatable, but, in fact, may be on a downward spiral that shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Wow indeed!

And thats my 2 cents on Vista's 'Wow' factor 4 this Monday, November 26, 2007.,39029552,49293700-1,00.htm,1000000121,39291043,00.htm?r=3

List of Leopard Reviews:


Mr. Grudge said...

Thanks for voicing many of my complaints about Vista. In the production environment where I work, we are sticking with XP in the office environment, but mainly use OS X Tiger in the various labs. The staff is already trained on these OSes, and to make a pointless upgrade to Vista for essentially the Aero desktop and little else would confound those with an already loose grasp on computing fundamentals. I already get a several support calls a week (even though I moved on from help desk) from users asking "how many internets do I have?" (an actual support request) to "help me, my Windows are evaporating!" I can't imagine the paces we'd be put through with Vista not only from the tech support side, but from compatibility issues with the industry specific software we use, to security issues. We are going to stay off of Vista as long as we can, keep the Macintosh’s (we've expanded their se in public areas) and keep out fingers crossed. Thanks for the informative article. -Mike.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Many thanks Mr. Grudge for your insightful experiences with XP, Vista and OS X. As more people get the facts, more people realize that Vista offers one no more than a 'pretty face,' a face model, in-fact, on OS X!

Many thanks again for your comment. Much appreciated.

goldengoddess said...

Nicely stated, Don! Though I have no degree yet in the computer science field, I have had experience with many operating systems from DOS to Microsoft Windows 2000 NT and XP. I've even enjoyed learning iMac's OS 9 and OS X. I really have enjoyed growing with Microsoft as they ventured from 3.1 to XP (lingering at 98), however Vista doesn't sound like a system I'd enjoy.

What ever happened to the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!?"

Meghna said...

Hi Don,
This was nice post1 it voiced all the complaints about Vista very well! Well written1
Keep blogging and hope to hear from you soon!

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks goldengoddess. Even though Vista is pretty, it works pretty badly. Its slow and pesters you so much its pretty frustrating. Its DRM, from beginning to end, is also pretty lame too.

XP is not as pretty, but hey, at least, it works pretty well, especially compared to Vista. Maybe, in five more years, Microsoft will have figured out that an OS should work they way its users want, and not the way it (Microsoft) wants? Lets hope so anyway.

Thanks for you comment. I appreciate it.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks Meghna. Vista I may install someday just so I can say, "I'm running Vista.. on my Mac!" but I will stick with OS X, Ubuntu and XP for the most part. Will try and write you that story soon. I've been busy running back and forth to the hospital, but I will find the time, I promise!

Take care.