Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Steve Jobs: The Most Powerful Businessman in the World!

Steve Jobs not only gave life to Apple, but he resurrected it from a near certain death upon his return to the helm some ten years or so ago.

Now, thanks to his vision, determination and direction, Apple has been transformed from a has been to one of the world's biggest electronic giants, who's name and logo are instantly recognized throughout the world!

In fact, the very name of Apple and its logo has been turned into a symbol of 'Coolness' and that of 'Innovation,' that its competitors could only hope and dream of acheiving.

So, with all of this, it is not surprising that one of the world's leading and most prestigious business magazines, Fortune, would name Mr. Jobs as the world's most powerful, of the top 25 most powerful businessmen in the world! Clearly, it is an honor that Mr. Jobs well deserves. This is the man, who despite of all of the odds, at the beginning of Apple's creation, never lost faith in the idea that they could change the world.

Mr. Jobs and Apple did, of course, succeed in that goal by making the world's very first successful personal computer, the venerable Apple II, and later on, changing the world yet again with the introduction of the Macintosh. Virtually all computers today can trace what they are doing now back to what Apple was doing then. All computers now feature the GUI interface that the Mac pioneered and brought to the market.

Virtually too, all computers now use mice, though invented by Xerox, were made main stream by the Mac, and every and all computers still use some form of the 'trash can' on the desktop, hierarchal menu's, cut-and-paste, Cd's, floppy's, animated desktops (OS X), plug-and-play, etc. You name it and the list goes on and on.

Getting back to Fortune's '25 Most Powerful Businessmen,' Brent Schlender writes:

"During the first two decades of his remarkable 30-year career, the Apple Inc. founder twice altered the direction of the computer industry. In 1977 the Apple II kicked off the PC era, and the graphical user interface launched by Macintosh in 1984 has been aped by every other computer since. Along the way Jobs conceived of "desktop publishing," gave the world the laser printer, and pioneered personal computer networks. As a side gig he bankrolled Pixar, which fostered the development of the technology and a brand-new business model for creating computer-animated feature films.

Since returning to Apple in 1997, he has changed the dynamics of consumer electronics with the iPod, and persuaded the music industry, the television networks, and Hollywood to distribute their wares with the iTunes Music Store. With his hugely successful Apple Stores, he gave the big-box boys a lesson in high-margin, high-touch retailing. And this year, at the height of his creative and promotional powers, Jobs orchestrated Apple's entry into the cellular telephone business with the iPhone.

That's five industries that Jobs has upended - computers, Hollywood, music, retailing, and wireless phones. At this moment, no one has more influence over a broader swath of business than Jobs."

Wow, that is quite the career, and one that very few men, or women, including the other 24 men on this impressive list, a list that includes such notables as: Rupert Murdoch, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, among others, could ever hope to claim. All of these men are great businessmen, and all of whom have their own personal triumphs to triumph, but none, I believe, are as interesting to read about as Jobs, who is also famous for his, 'Reality Distortion Field,' and a man who is clearly unique in every sense of the word.

In a separate article, in the same edition, of Fortune, "The power of Steve Jobs," also by Brent Schlender, he goes on to point out,

"Management guru Jim Collins once called Steve Jobs the "Beethoven of business." He was marveling at the Apple founder's ability, time and again, to conjure digital objects of desire from esoteric blends of chips, disks, plastic, and software, and then promote them with his own alluring brand of performance art. But Jobs might also be called its Machiavelli, a man who can bend suppliers, partners, and even industries to his will."

But not only is Steve the father of just the Mac, iPod, and the iPhone, and the father of the personal computer industry, one of its legends, Jobs at 53, seems to be getting better and better at his game, the older he gets. He has made Apple Inc., a company he founded with Steve Wozniak in his adopted parents garage, into what is now the most valuable computer company on the face of the earth, and one that its competitors have been feverishly trying to beat, but, at least, thus far, have all failed miserably to do.

Its hard to believe, but with a market cap of about $152 billion dollars, Job's baby, Apple Inc. is now worth more than either IBM, Dell, HP, Sony, and many other giants of industry. Apple, once again, and all thanks to Mr. Jobs, is now a true giant and powerhouse in the world of electronics and business in general!

Under his visionary leadership, Steve Jobs has not only become one of the world's richest men, but now he sits on top of the most powerful businessman list in the world, a distinction that he truly deserves. Steve Job has touched just about every person in the western developed world, in one way or another, by the products or services that he helped create or change.

For that I can only say, "Thanks Steve for a job well done!"

And thats my 2 cents on the world's most powerful businessman, Steve Jobs, 4 this gloomy, wet and cold Tuesday, 27th. of November, 2007.



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