Thursday, January 31, 2008

iTune Player Finally Surpasses RealPlayer! has just published that Apple's iTune Player has finally surpassed longtime rival RealPlayer in U.S. broadband penetration. This has been predicted for some time, and now, as of April of last year, iTunes had indeed passed the previous powerhouse in the streaming area, to emerge as the second largest behind Windows Media Player.

Interestingly, they have also reported that of the four major streaming services, only iTunes had any major positive growth. The others, RealPlayer and Apple's own QuickTime either posted declines or, in the case of Windows Media Player, were basically flat.

In fact, in a seperate report, MacWorld reports that half of all American teens now use iTunes (49% to be exact) and testifies to iTune's popularity and I think that we can expect that number to grow far beyond and exceed 50% in the coming months.

Well, there you go, chalk up another one up for Apple. If you add QuickTime to the mix, then Apple's streaming presence looks to be a very real and credible threat to Microsoft's top position. How long before Apple either ties or surpasses Windows Media Player? I can't say, of course - maybe never, but judging by what is being reported then, if I were Microsoft, I'd be a little concerned!

With the Mac market share growing by leaps and bounds and the success of the iPhone and iPod, and what I predict will be an equally huge hit, Apple's TV 2 and it's new movie rental service, I can see the day coming when Apple finally snatches the streaming crown from off of Microsoft's head. 

Will it be two years from now, five years, your guess is as good as mine, but if current trends continue, then I personally predict it is a lot closer then some might think .

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