Friday, January 4, 2008

MacWorld Wish List

It's almost that time of year again, you know the one that is more anticipated than Christmas, New Years or any other holiday, at least, that is for us Mac junkies. Yes, its time for MacWorld in San Francisco, a time indeed for the Mac faithful to dream of what uncle Steve will deliver us, this coming January 15th?

A new Mac Pro, an ultra lite Macbook, new iPods or a new iPhone? I'm not exactly sure what this year's MacWorld will bring, but I will list what I dream and hope to see.

- First of all, as I posted yesterday, I really, really want to see an ultra lite MacBook with an iMac like dock that basically gives you two computers in one! This is one product that even though based on Apple's old Duo systems, is something that I'm convinced will breath new blood into Apple's all ready sky high sales and stock price, which, by the way, is down significantly today due to concerns over the economy in general .

- Second, a new MacPro with a newly designed case. The old case is great, but I feel outdated. Personally, I think that the insides of this case is much better looking than the outside, which I never was that crazy about in the first place! And of course, we want chips with that MacPro order. Chips as in Intel's new 45 nanometer Penryn chip. It is believed that Intel will allow Apple exclusive, as it has in the past, use of the top end chips for as much as six months before other OEM's get their hands on them. This gives Apple some competitive advantage and certainly some extra bragging rights and it should be the case here.

Unfortunately, the MacPro, at this point, is a little too expensive for me personally, but there are some (lucky bastards!) that can afford such a system. Professionals in photography, design, the media, etc. can never have enough speed or power and the MacPro is the ultimate machine for these types of folks.

I really, really would love to have one of these babies though - oh boy - would I, which reminds me, after posting this, if I hope to get one, I better go and get me some lottery tickets before I forget, because - you never know, you know?

- Newer designs for both the MacBook and especially for the MacBook Pro is another desire, but, at the same time, fear for me. Don't get me wrong, both machines feature not only a great design and look, but could still, I feel, use improvement. This is were my fears come in, of course. How do you improve the design of the best looking laptops out there? I'm not sure? I just know that want a new design and hope, at the same time, that any new design won't end up being considered a down grade to the present models. They are just so beautiful as they are.

The MacBook Pro, as you may already know, is based on the old PowerBook Titanium - a design that goes back some five or more years and really, when you think of it, could use a little something extra to make it stand out even more from from it's predecessor. Its not really that important that Apple really update these designs - its just that it would be nice and I'm really hoping to see a newer and improved design for both the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

- Some people, like the brilliant mind from the blog, The Small Wave, told me they don't like this next idea - that Apple could or should, as an option, cheaply add Vista on some new Macs, for about an extra $50 for those people wanting it. Vista can cost up to $400 or more at retail and at that price it is hard to justify buying it for any computer.

The fact remains that even though OS X is miles ahead of Vista, or any Linux distro for that matter, there are still millions and millions of people who either want or need to buy a Vista machine in order to run Windows software. Rather than have them buy a Dell, HP or other machine, why not give them the option to buy a Windows machine from Apple and sneak in a free Mac machine to boot?

Think about it - it wouldn't be very long before they, out of frustration with Vista, got around to trying OS X and, I firmly believe, quickly learning to prefer it more and more and, as a direct result, Windows less and less! For a small chunk of change Apple would have delivered a very effective and cheap Trojan horse straight into the Windows camp. Yes, it has already done so as the millions of Windows switchers already testify to, but Apple could speed that up big time if the option of cheaply having Vista pre-installed was an option on new Macs.

- Lastly, as it seems to be a tradition with Apple, I dream and hope, as in so many times in the past, that Apple will wow us with something completely and totally unexpected, be it with a new product or service. Your guess is as good as mine on this one, but you never know with Apple, and thats something worth knowing and considering as MacWorld quickly approaches.

I can't wait, I simply can't wait - come on January the 15th!

And thats my 2 cents on my hopes and dreams for MacWorld 4 this sunny, but oh, so cold, Friday, January 4, 2008.

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Tom said...

The "iMac Notebook" combination intrigues me greatly. I wonder what such a combination would cost?

As always, I'd like to see a new mid-level desktop to fill the gap between the iMacs and Mac Pros. And as always, I'm sure I'll be disappointed.

I think re-designed MacBooks and/or MacBook Pros may be seen. Hope they don't mess with them too much since they're so popular, but then again just like the iPod you have to keep making them fresh even when popular or you'll get run over.

Windows pre-configured on a Mac? Noooooo!! The ghost of OS/2 will haunt you for the rest of your days. :)

I would like to see a good way of doing movie rentals. I'd be thrilled of Jobs could announce some new DRM-free music (and prove that at least one more label has its head out of its ass).

I'd love to see iWeb 3.0... no, wait, no I wouldn't. I just moved to WordPress so I don't care.

Jauhari said...

On December 2007 I successfully switch from Windows to MacBook Pro with Leopard.. I really love it ;)

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Glad you are happy with your switch from Windows Jauhari. Hope you have many, many years of happy computing to come.

Tom, you make some very good points, but OS X and Vista are not the Windows 95 or OS2 of yesterday. In those days people were praising Windows 95 and ignoring OS 2.

Today, as you know, Vista is perceived, in the press and elsewhere, as a lousy upgrade, by a lot people, at best, which explains them downgrading (or is that upgrading?" to XP.

On the other hand, OS X is generally acknowledge to be superior, by the press and elsewhere. With that as a background maybe it is time for Apple to consider the option?

Of course, I have to admit that you make some very good points. You may be correct, of course, but I'm not sure, and I still think that having the option to have Vista installed, dirt cheap, would be both comforting for some Windows users - a type of security blanket, and an opportunity for them to compare the two OS's side-by-side.

Most people seem to be utterly fed up with Microsoft's latest and greatest and I'm sure with OS X already installed that it won't be long before they realize that Vista is a dog and they will stay with OS X and, sooner or later, quickly abandoned Vista completely.

But then again, I may be day dreaming a little on this one? What ever is best for the Mac platform is what I hope to see and trust that Apple will continue to make the right decisions in this regard.