Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Microsoft Flip-Flops 180 Degrees On Vista Virtualization

It took awhile, but Microsoft has decided that it will now allow anyone a license to use any version of Vista in a virtual setting. Previously, Microsoft said that Mac users could only use Vista Ultimate in a virtual setting. Microsoft said that Vista was too complicated and it couldn't guarantee the performance or stability when using lesser versions.

So, out of the goodness of Microsoft's heart, for our protection, they simply wouldn't allow us to run anything less than Vista Ultimate in a virtual mode. Apparently, the only thing greater than the size of Microsoft's bank account is the size of their heart when it comes to it's customers! Seems to me, if that was the case, they simply wouldn't allow anyone to run Vista under any circumstances, regardless of the version!

To that I say rubbish! I never believe it for a minute. Hell, Microsoft can't promise that Vista will run well normally under any circumstances, let alone in a virtual mode! Microsoft obviously doesn't have enough money already, so it thought it could trick people into buying the more expensive Ultimate version if they wished to use Vista in a virtual setting. Microsoft won't admit it publicly, as it was forced to admit privately, but Vista isn't selling that well, so why not just allow lesser versions to run virtually and see if it helps Vista sales?

I don't know, but maybe, just maybe they thought that if they could sell a few more copies it would help Bill Gates in his retirement? After all, Mr. Bill has two kids and a wife to support. I mean, its hard trying to support a family these days with a net worth of only $53 billion! I say we all take up a collection and send it in to Microsoft so we don't have to worry about the Gate's family going hungry. What do you think?

Kidding aside, the big question is why would anybody want to buy Vista in the first place, in any mode? It's slow as molasses; buggy; it won't play nice with peripherals and older software.... Microsoft's included! I had been playing with the idea of buying Vista just to show off that my Macs could run it, but its so expensive.... forget it! I mean the price is almost $500 CDN for Ultimate and the, worst-of-the-worst, Vista Basic actually costs more than OS X Leopard, a system that has received far more positive press than negative! $500 vs $129 is a no brainer, as is the superiority of Leopard over Vista technically!

What was I thinking?

No, the real reason that Microsoft is now allowing lesser versions other than Vista Ultimate to be used, in virtual settings, is because the software giant from Redmond is getting desperate. Six years and billions of dollars just to release what is basically a dumb down and inferior copy of OS X is pathetic.

Vista is the newest and greatest that Microsoft has been able to come up with and cram down peoples throats, but it ain't selling very well in Peoria and Microsoft knows it! Vista is so bad, that all Microsoft can really do now is try to brag up their next OS named Windows 7 in hopes of deflection some of the nasty criticisms their new baby has and is continuing to receive.

Just yesterday, I helped a lady purchase a new MacBook at a local shop. She gave me several reasons why she wanted to switch, which are as follows:

- She loves her iPod and it made her think: "Wow... my iPod is so great, maybe the Mac is too.?"

- The second reason was because of all of the praise that her friends personally lavished on the Mac. They told her, "Once you go Mac... you never go back!" and it made an impression on her.

- Yet another reason that she decided on the Mac was because of all of the "I'm a Mac; I'm a PC'" ads. Well, there you have it, if you ever had your doubts about Apple's famous television spots, well, you can now put them to rest.

- Positive magazine articles on the Mac and Leopard is another big reason that she told me that made her decide to make the switch. She told me that she was a computer geek and a long time Windows user, and after reading so many, many positive reviews on the subject she knew that she just had to look into the Mac seriously.

- The final and the biggest reason that she gave me was: VISTA! She has it - she hates it, and she will not put up with it any longer! I told her, however, that if she needed or wanted to, she could still always run Vista or XP on her new Mac, but she sharply shot back...... "Are you kidding? Why would I want to run Windows? I had it up to here with Windows!"

Microsoft has said that their about-turn was because of raising customers interest, especially over the past six months, that made them see the light of day in allowing all versions of Vista to be used in a virtual setting. I say they are just getting desperate over the failure of Vista in the market place. If people weren't force to accept Vista when they bought a new computer, or if they had the opportunity to more easily purchase their new machines with XP instead, Vista sales would be a lot grimmer than they are now and Microsoft a lot more desperate. Several manufactures allow XP to be ordered instead of Vista, of course, but the models offered are few and far between.

If OS X was ever licensed to other OEM's, Windows, any version, would be dead out of the water!

So much for the lies that lesser versions of Vista couldn't run in virtual mode, as an excuse to sell more copies of the higher priced Ultimate.

The truth comes out and it ain't pretty!

And thats my 2 cents for this snowy Tuesday, January 22, 2008.

eWeek: Microsoft Allows Virtulization


Tom said...

I consider this pretty big. It's Microsoft's way of letting users run Vista on their Macs without trying to slam the door and grab another outrageous license fee (which they were probably not getting anyway).

At this point they're essentially saying that you can run your existing license on the Mac if you leave the PC world. In other words, go ahead and leave our hardware "partners", but you don't have to leave us.

I wonder what their hardware "partners" think of this?

Finally, this is a minor nit, but if you flip 360 degrees you're right back where you started. What Microsoft did was a 180.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks Tom for pointing out my silly mistake, I thought something was fishy about 360 degrees, but I was too fatigued to really think about it; I will change that in a moment. Good thing this is only a practice blog!

Yes, I agree that Microsoft's move is interesting to say the least. Microsoft cares only about one thing: MIcrosoft!

Interesting thing, I read an article that stated that a lot of Windows developers prefer to port offer to the Mac rather than hope that Mac users would simply use Windows on their Mac to run their programs.

Microsoft is running scared, and that is the only way you can get them to do anything that will help we the consumers.