Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pics-4-the-Day: The Butterfly Garden

After an absence of more than a month, I am pleased to present another one of my "Pics-4-the-Day" features, and I am honored to present, from Paul G'S wonderful Flickr collection, several samples from his amazing and colorful Butterfly Collection.

The above photo, "Royalty" is of a stunning and magnificent Monarch Butterfly! This picture shows the incredible colors of this "King of Butterfly's" as it munches on lunch in the bright Floridian sun.

Our next butterfly, seen below, is labeled "Asymmetry" and is wonderful in it's sheer simplicity and grace. Look at the design of this little critter, the yellow spots that circle it's outstretched wings is truly a sight to behold and one I could never tire of looking at.

Again below, we have another striking shot and one that I especially love, that of a Flower Under Butterfly. As you can see, it's wings are so streamlined, so aerodynamically designed, that it reminds me of a fighter jet wing's or that of a graceful hang glider. The composition of this photo is extremely well done and that color.......... absolutely gorgeous!

Our next photo above, is one that Paul labeled, "Home Again," and is amazing for the amount of orange and red that this wonderful little fellow has on display. Poor little fellow, he is probably long since gone, but thanks to Paul's photographic talent and sharp eye, we can still all marvel and appreciate it's beauty at our own leisure, any old time we want.

Above, our next butterfly is actually a Polka Dot Wasp Moth! It's bluish wings and blue body are quite striking, especially when considering the contrast of the lighter color markings with that of it's bright and oh, so, so big red butt of his. I also love how his wings are outstretched against the green background and that simple, but beautiful, yellow flower. Nicely done indeed.

Below, Paul's next great shot is of a Spicebush Swallowtail, but I like to call it "Blue Boy" for obvious reasons. Again, I love those outstretched wings and the color. I think it's amazing, absolutely amazing that such a tiny little creature could have such deep and rich colors. I also love how its miniature and slender legs graces the plants so delicately. All-in-all, a wonderful butterfly and photo of the same!

The last two samples from Paul's butterfly collection are again both of Monarch Butterflies. After all, they are the king of butterflies and for good reason..... they are strikingly beautiful to behold. The first photo above is called, "Orange on Violet," and is a great shot for so many reasons.

I especially love how the Monarch's bright colors contrast with that of the flower and the green vegetation behind, while the second shot, "King of Autumn," seen below, is just as equally stunning. I especially appreciate the grey, dark background as it clearly highlights this delightful "King's" finer details and beauty.

And there you have it, some wonderful butterfly's from Paul's "Butterfly Garden" collection. I have always thought of insects as being creepy and ugly, but now, thanks to Paul, I can think of them as the beautiful creatures that they are, and appreciate them more than ever. Leave it to Paul to make an insect look so damn cute!

If you wish to view more of Paul's amazing collection of butterflies, or view any of his other great Flickr photo themes, then by all means, treat yourself by clicking on his link at the beginning of this post.

You will enjoy them immensely, I'm sure of that!

In conclusion, all I want to say is: thank you Paul for sharing your photographic talent with all of us and especially on my little blog. I, for one, truly appreciate such great pictures as the ones you demonstrated here today from your magical, colorful and amazing "Butterfly Garden".

And thats my 2 cents 4 the day 4 this Wednesday 23rd., 2008.

PLEASE NOTE: All photos are the copyrighted works of Paul G, as are all of the other fine photographers presented here in my 'Pics-4-the-Day" feature.


Tom said...

When I was young (perhaps 10 or 12) I collected butterflies. Yes, I killed them and mounted them on a board (I was young, OK?).

Anyway, these lovely pictures brought back great memories of my dad and I looking for these things.

Like most of my "hobbies", this one passed in only a few months, but the great memories remain.

Nowadays, of course, I'd rather "collect" photos of them living.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks for the comment Tom. I remember when I was young I was more of a bad boy than you - I used to kill bugs simply for the fun of it!

I would kill wasp's, bumble-bee's and ants, or for that matter, any bug that bugged me, which was all of them, by the way!

Now, like you, I would much more prefer to photograph them, or better yet, let a pro like Paul photograph them, since he is a master photographer and I am not.

The photos are truly great and, as I said in my post, helped me to appreciate the beauty and need for insects.

Meghna said...

Hi Don,
Thses are really lovely pictures of butterflies. I feel rejuvenated already1 Thankls for the good wishes for my exams...I think I'll be in need of them :D

in India we have 12 grades but here, grades are called classes, i.e class 1, class 2 etc....until 12th. After that we can join an engineering, medical or any college of the career we want to pursue. There are some universities too!
I'm glad you were interested!

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