Monday, April 28, 2008

New iMacs and New PC iMac Copy Cats

Finally, more or less, as predicted, Apple has quietly updated it's line of sleek iMac computers. They now come in four models from the basic unit, which featuress a 2.4GHz Intel Core Duo with 1GB of RAM, 8x double-layer SuperDrive, 250GB hard drive, plus an ATI HD 2400XT graphic card with 128MB of video unit,for $1,199 dollars, all the way up to an extreme model that features a configuration which includes a 3.06GHz Intel Core Duo, 8c double-layer SuperDrive, a NVIDIA GeForce 88 GS with 512MB of video, and a generous 500GB hard drive, for a base price of $2,199.

One thing that I noticed, besides Apple revealing the new models on Monday rather then on it's traditional Tuesdays, as in the past, was the fact that Apple's high sky pricing for additional RAM was a lot more reasonable this time around! The 2GB of RAM on the top end model, for instance, now comes with the option of doubling the 2GB to 4GB for only $200 more, which compared to Apple's previous pricing seems almost like a steal! No doubt, you can still upgrade the RAM for cheaper yourself, but hey, it's a start!

The top end iMac is impressive, but, of course, it still is no match for Apple's MacPro line of desktops, but then again, it's certainly is no slouch either. This is the one model that would interest me, but I still can't quite stomach the idea that the SuperDrive is still only 8x. I've seen budget priced PC's that were a lot more tempting than that. Still, if your in the market for a new all-in-one, then this baby should do you proud, even though yours truly will still wait and save up for that MacPro dream tower of his.

All-in-all, the newly and quietly bumped up Macs make for a nice upgrade, with the only bummer being the poor souls that bought a new iMac in the past little while. Even though they got to be feeling a little cheated at the moment, the truth is, that regardless of when you purchased your iMac, your machine should still serve you well for a very long time to come and the increase, as nice as it is, isn't all that too much to get upset over.

Meanwhile, Dell's XP One and Gateway's One, all-in-one, iMac copycat PC's now have company. Several PC OEM's are planning on adding their own versions of the's iMac. Gizmodo has recently reported on Fujitsu's new FMV F-A50, seen below.

This machine is a very beautiful looking computer which boasts a stand that unlike, the iMac, can not only adjust the screen, but in this case, also raise or lower the monitor. For me this is no real biggy, but to some it might just be right combination. One thing, however, that is a biggy to me is the fact that it only comes in a 16 inch screen. Considering that the approximately priced $1,200 machine is the same as the 20 inch iMac is rather disappointing to say the least.

In addition to the sexy little Fujitsu, another iMac copy cat PC is the TG Sambo's Lluon, seen above. This beauty comes in all black and boasts a 22 inch screen monitor. Though now only available in Korea, this sexy little piece will eventually be sold in the U.S. in a Best Buy near you very soon. Thus far, unfortunately, there has been very little info on this machine, so pricing and it's full specs are still unavailable, but hopefully, not for long.

The Dell XP One, Gateway One, and now the Fujitsu's and Sambo, all go a long way to demonstrate Apple's influence in the world of tech. So many people, in the past, have taunted me that Apple was not only going out of business any day now, but had absolutely no influence or impact what so ever. Well, anybody with eyes can see that is no longer the case. These iMac copy cats are great additions to the world of Window base computers, but sadly, they still have one major problem: they can only run Windows and Linux! Legally, of course, they can't run OS X which is by far my biggest complaint with these beautiful, but limited machines. Contrary to some, I don't hate either Windows or Linux OS's, but as much as I like them both for their respective strengths, over all I have yet to see any other OS equal, let alone best, the Mac's OS. This does not for instance mean that these machines are not superior in certain ways to OS X, for example: gaming on the PC side, and cost on the Linux side. It's rather hard to get a better price than free after all.

In conclusion, I just want to add that I really like the newer bumped up iMac's and the new designs of the iMac like PC's. All-in-all, there has never been a better time to buy a PC, be it a Windows, Linux or Mac, and never has the public had such a rich choice of models in which to choose from.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Monday, April the 28th, 2008.

Photos via and Gizmodo

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