Monday, July 7, 2008

OS X and the Big Switch!

In increasing numbers, millions have been personally switching to the Mac from the PC world, but now, not only are we seeing this trend gathering steam, but, we are now beginning to see the Big Switch from PC's to the Mac moving into the enterprise sector as well.

I have posted on the Mac's increasing market share before, but now it is being reported that, over the weekend, the Mac's presence in the enterprise market just got a very big shot in the arm with the announcement that one of Europe's largest publishers,  Alex-Springer  of Germany, will, in a major IT move, now transition  all of it's 10,000 to 12,000 PC's over to the Mac, during the course of the next few years!

Alex-Springer just happens to be the largest publisher of newspapers and magazines in the mighty nation of Germany, and one of the largest in all of Europe. With headquarters in the German metropolis of Berlin, the move of this publishing titan from PC's to the Mac is sure to send shock waves in Redmond and the champagne corks popping in Cupertino.

This is more than just an important move for Alex-Springer, but, as well,  it also sends a very powerful and important message:  the Mac's is back - and a very real and credible alternate choice for business's who are tired with all of the hassles associated within the virus infested world of PC's.

Interestingly, if Snow Leopard lives up to it's stated goals of making OS X, not only faster, more secure, more functional and powerful, as Grand Central, Sprout Core and other features indicate that it could, then I think that the present 80% of business that now use OS X, in a more limited way, will suddenly give way to many more companies in following Alex-Springer's lead.

Apple had been concentrating mostly on the consumer side of the market, but, now increasingly it has been paying a lot more attention to the enterprise sector and I predict that this is not only going to increase, but increasingly, over the next few years, Apple will begin to capture a lot more of the big business market. After all, most of the PC's out there in the world are purchased and used by business's then on the consumer side. Personally, I think that Apple has no choice but to focus more on this important part of the market if it wish's to grow OS X.

Not to worry though, Apple will still ensure that it's consumer sector gets the proper attention that it needs. It was, still is, and will continue to be a very important focus for Apple. It has been the over all, consumer satisfaction with OS X and other Apple products and services, as much as anything, that has helped translate into more enterprise sales for Apple .

Licensing Exchange is just one of the moves that indicates that Apple is beginning to get more serious about attracting more enterprise customers,  and I expect this is only the beginning for Apple.

Will OS X ever replace Windows in enterprise? Maybe? Maybe not? I don't know, but I do know, however, that one way or the other, the Mac is about to become a much bigger segment of the enterprise market - a very much bigger segment. How much is yet to be seen, but it will be huge, that I am pretty sure of.

Alex-Springer's complete move from the PC's to the Mac is welcome news indeed, but, as big as it is, it's still small potatoes compared to what I believe is yet coming. Yes, from now on, I expect to see more and more enterprise's to follow Alex-Springer and move, mostly, if not completely, over to the Mac.

So welcome Alex-Springer to the increasingly better choice for business - OS X!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Monday, July 7, 2008.

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janette said...

Nice to see business switching to the Mac as well as consumers.