Monday, July 14, 2008

The Incredible Success of the iPhone G3

Wow! It's absolutely incredible, but the new iPhone G3 introduction, over the weekend, has not only been a smashing success, it has sold approximately an incredible four times as many phones over the weekend - a scant three days, as did the original iPhone did last year! 

According to Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs:

 "iPhone 3G had a stunning opening weekend."

But just how stunning has it been? Well, according to a report by AppleInsider, Apple sold as many as a million plus iPhone G3's over the weekend. The first gen iPhone, which was an amazing run away success, took almost two and one-half months to accomplish the same. I would say that was indeed a stunning achievement, and as AppleInsinder also reported:

"The three day sales total is sure to send a shriver down the spines of rival handset makers...."

In an other report they pointed out that in spite of all of the problems, that people had getting their new iPhone activated, Apple's new App Store still reported an equally amazing number of downloads for the same period - some ten million of them! Truly, the App Store is just as big as a success as the iPhone is itself.

I plan to personally, God willing, pick up a 16 gigabyte model soon. I must say that after playing with an 8 gigabyter, I was extremely impressed by the new iPhone's over all form factor, ease of use, functionality and it's amazing speed. The screen, well, what can I say...... it's absolutely fabulous! It's so big,  so bright,  so clear and sharp that I have yet to see anything quite like it. Clearly, I can see why so many people out there lust after the iPhone G3, because frankly, there simply is nothing quite like it.

Sadly, for me, Rogers was completely sold out of the 16 GB models. They had a few of the white 8 GB models left, but I know I would only kick myself later if I went with it. I can wait a wee bit longer to pick up a black 16 GB iPhone.... after all, I have, like so many others, been waiting for well over a year already, so what's another week or so?

As reported both here and elsewhere, the iPhone is now being predicted, by several analysts, to be on it's way of becoming not only a platform in and of itself, but one that could even eclipse that of the personal computer platform. Now that would be big - really big. The iPhone certainly isn't perfect, but as others have pointed out, it's probably the closet thing out there in the tech world that is.

Of course, it's not all been rosy for Apple's latest and greatest product launch. The activation woes that plagued the weekend's launch of the 3G iPhone has been well reported on. Apple had the same problems last year and I would expect that like last year, these problems will soon be sorted out. However, MacWorld is even reporting that some people are demanding refunds for lost time on their new MobileMe accounts.

As to be expected, any product or service that is anywhere as big and as complex as the iPhone and it's supporting structure is, problems are bound to happen. Eventually, however, they always seem to get solved and sorted out, and I'm sure this will be the case here. In the meantime, the huge and astounding first few days of the new iPhone G3 is a very, very impressive thing to see and it should give Apple's iPhone, for the meantime, a very real chance of becoming the number one smart phone of all time. 

Will we see even more success for the iPhone? Or is the iPhone just a temporary fad, as claimed by many of it's competitor's? Will the iPhone make it to the top of the smart phone heap, or will other competitor's such as long time giants Nokia, RIM and Palm, as well as others, eventually out class and out perform the iPhone in the near future, relegating it to just a footnote in the annals of tech history ?

That's hard to say, of course, but if Apple keeps on innovating the way they have been doing, well, then it doesn't look too good for Apple's competitor's. That could always change, of course. The iPhone's incredible success has inspired an never ending series of competing iPhone clones. Every day, it seems, both large and small competitor's are coming out with iPhone 'killer' phones. Some of these iClone's, if not as good as the iPhone, are certainly great phones, and they point out that the competition isn't going to just sit back and let Apple take away their long and hard fought place in the grand scheme of things.

Yes, even though I have yet to see any other iPhone 'killer' quite equal the over all value of the iPhone itself, they are working hard and are getting better and better as time goes one. The LG Dare, the Instinct and the various other copy cat phones are bound to improve to the point that they may indeed, at some point, pose a serious threat to the iPhone. But that day has yet to come -  today it's the iPhone's time to bask in the sun.

Just how much longer the iPhone can continue to remain as the most lust after device ever created remains yet to be seen. But thanks to the App Store and the incredible buzz associated with the iPhone, the marketing genius's at Apple may not have to worry for sometime yet, but they will certainly have to remain vigilant and on their toes and have to continue to innovate and evolve the iPhone, if they wish to remain on top of the competition.

Personally, I'm convince that both Apple and the iPhone best days still lay yet ahead. I'm looking forward to seeing just how much and how far the iPhone will advance in both technology and, and, as well, in the marketplace.

And that's my 2 cents, 4 this Monday, July 14 , 2008.

Image via: Apple

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