Monday, July 28, 2008

Wearable High-Tech Clothing: EroGear's LED Display Jackets!

Truly, it's an incredible age that we find ourselves living in these days. No doubt about it, with space craft and satellites circling our heads, powerful computers, sophisticated medical equipment, electron microscopes, high definition displays, why the list is virtually endless, and, now, on top of all of these, you can now add, believe-it-or-not - wearable high-tech clothing.

No, this definitely ain't your father's clothes, or your grandfathers clothes, for that matter, that we're talking about here. No way, because, as you can plainly see in the YouTube video above, this is the age of high-tech, and a world that would have been virtually unthinkable just a few short years ago. Yes, now thanks to high-tech, we actually can not only have clothes that can actually clean themselves while your still wearing them, as I have already reported on previously , but now we can have clothes that also display crisp, bright LED video messages to help you get off your chest whatever you have to say!

That's right, now thanks to a company called, EroGear, you now can wear what's ever on your mind  -  on your chest and your back!  EroGear manufactures custom made-to-order LED video display clothing that can make you the life of any party. I know,  you might be thinking, but why - but I answer - why not? If you ever wanted to stand out in a crowd or make any kind of statement without the need for opening your mouth, well EroGear will definitely have you covered!

According to EroGear, their wearable clothing line features a very powerful 8-bit processor that is capable of displaying a 256 grayscale video messages at some 30 frames per second. The enclosed rechargeable battery works for up to 3 hours, but don't worry, you can still freak people out for much longer than that by simply dropping in an extra battery for even longer high-tech fun!

Thanks to it's ability to quickly and easily update contents via a SD card and reader, you are good to go! As well, you can also quickly update text and video messages by using it's built-in USB port, and, as they say, "The sky is the limit!" 

In their web site's Frequently Asked Section,  EroGear's says that for now, their attention getting garments are only available in a 256 grey scale version.  But rest assured, they are working hard and hope to offer a full-color version of their LED video garments soon. Oh goody gumdrops!

Also, in their Frequently Asked Section, they point out that you may also further and easily apply text strings by simply pre-rendering them with programs such as Apple's Motion 3 or Adobe After Effects, in addition to using their own controller console. You can expect approximately one week after ordering before receiving your new video garment (just jackets at the moment) which, as you can also imagine, don't exactly come cheap.  Presently, EroGear's video LED clothing only works with Windows based computers, but they assure us that they are also hard at work on a newer version that is completely platform agnostic. Oh more goody gumdrops!

The cost of the wearable display is approximately $900 which makes it much too expensive, at this early point, for most people, myself included. However, that is more-or-less for a large front to back display. I can see EroGear, in the future, possibly stitching out newer garments with smaller displays - let's say only on a portion of the upper right side of a garment for considerably less money. However, this is all new technology and thus we can naturally expect to see a lot of experimenting going on. However, like all technology, high prices eventually soon give way to lower ones as the popularity and manufacturing bugs are eventually worked out.

Personally, I'm not that interested in such attention grabbing garments, but I can certainly see the practical side of such clothing as well. For example, people who flag aircraft landings and take offs on aircraft carriers might find some benefits with such video jackets in addition to the traditional methods, since EroGear assures us that their garments are "Absurdly" bright. Also, workers in toxic and dangerous situations could have flashing emergency messages warning people to stay back, stop or go, etc., since I am also assuming that the "Absurdly" bright displays can be seen from a much greater and safer distance than traditional clothing with just plain printing on them.

Presently, EroGear's high-tech clothing is more of a novelty, but who knows, as the technology progress's and becomes more popular, not only will it become cheaper, but also the various use's for such high-tech clothing should also grow as well.

In conclusion, even though I'm not that interested in video garments, I will say that if you have a message to get across and you can afford the price of admission, then EroGear's cool, high-tech LED display clothing is virtually guaranteed to help you make your point, and, as well, help make you the center of attention no matter where you wear it! I can just see advertiser's climbing all over this one, and who knows, maybe if you agree to host a cool video ad of theirs on your hot new high-tech video clothing, well, maybe they will then even help subsidize or pay entirely the cost of your video jacket as well? 

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Monday, July 28 , 2008.

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bow said...

where can i get this suit ... coz i already sent email to them, but still get no any answer ..

i really appreciate if you can help me.. thank u ...


I am a lover of children's literature said...

Dear Bow, thanks for your question. Unfortunately, according to their website, in their frequently asked section below, they state that you have to order them directly through them at this address:

info [at]

You may just have to keep trying. They could be swamped with orders, or your original message could have been lost?

Sorry, I could help you more. Good luck and let us know how you make out, especially if you get one!