Monday, October 6, 2008

The Amazing iPhone's Amazing Sales

Sales of Apple's ground-breaking iPhone are off the charts and could easily sell some 80% higher than what some of the more bullish analysts have already been predicting, meaning that Apple should not only handily meet it's goal of selling some 10 million iPhones, but that it could actually end up selling an amazing 18 million iPhones - almost double Apple's original estimate! 

Andy Azaky, writing for SeekingAlpha points out that new iPhone sales projections are not only appearing to be drastically over the top, but, at the same time, are actually making fools out of several analysts that were foolish enough to predict much more bearish iPhone results.  

Of course, Apple itself hasn't actually posted any iPhone sales numbers as yet, that should come later this month at it's regular quarterly earnings results, but by using the iPhone's unique 15 digit number, International Mobile Equipment Identity, one that is assigned to every cell phone when it is manufactured, it has allowed one clever London-based investor to track and gauge, to a rather accurate degree, the actual number of iPhone's currently being sold! He did this by posting, on MacObserver, a request for iPhone purchasers to submit their IMEI's to the forum, and then, with a little help from others, they were able to gain some interesting and revealing light on the actual numbers of iPhone's being sold and, as Fortune reports,  it was indeed, ".... a bit of upbeat economic news to brighten a gloomy Monday." 

Now, whether that "bit of upbeat economic news" is enough to help Apple's battered and bruised stock is still another question entirely? Hopefully, it will, but with the worldwide economy still on the ropes, Apple's stock, like that of many other companies, has bee on a long and steep decline. Apple's market cap, as of this writing, was down to approximately some $80 billion dollars, which still a lot, mind you, but when compared to the $172 billion it was just a few short months ago, it's rather heartbreaking.  

Even though we still have to wait, till the end of the month, for Apple to officially releash the actual number of iPhone's sold, this super-smart effort in financial investigating is at least very good news to hear. Apple should, by all accounts, post record breaking quarterly profits for the past three months not only in the sales of iPhones, but also, as well, in the sales of iPods and Mac computers. Even though the last quarterly sales are expected to be significantly high, what investors, however, are still most likely to be interested in will be in Apple's sales going forward. This is especially so now, because of the credit crisis, many people are now beginning to fear for their jobs - their very lively hoods and this is bound to have some effect on many people, be they rich or poor, to some degree or another. Necessities, after all, tend to take precident over luxuries which Apple products are precieved to be. 

As nice as Apple's quarterly earnings should be, we can only hope and pray that the economy will improve to the point that consumer confidence will return to the point that Apple's upcoming quarterly profit results will be as good going forward as they have been in the recent past. This will depend, as much as anything, on the overall general economy, something that Apple has very little control of. 

For Apple, over the past few years, it has certainly been one hell of an amazing ride. It has been one of many up and downs, but, for the most part, it's been a fairly consistent smooth ride on the road of success for Apple. The question for Apple, as it is for many companies, will be how bumpy will be the road up ahead? This will depend on how govenments react, among other factors, to the current econominc realities, but despite all of the wide ranging doom and gloom on Wall Street, let's all hope and pray that, for Apple and everyone else, that the ride will continue to be as smooth and profitable as it has been in the past and the road of progress won't be coming to a dead end anytime soon? 

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Monday, October 06, 2008 

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