Monday, October 20, 2008

Apple Ads Versus' Microsoft's - Which Is Better?

Microsoft has responded to Apple's, 'I'm a PC, I'm a Mac,' ads with their own, 'I'm a PC' ads, and now Apple has finally hit back with newer ads attacking their ads, as seen above in this YouTube video.  

Which ads, Microsoft's or Apple's, are the better ones, the most effective and the most truthful?

The first of Apple's new spots shows Microsoft trying to convince people just how wonderful Vista is by throwing wads of cash into advertising, in an obvious attempt to mask it's many problems, instead of into actually investing cash into trying to fix Vista. A lot of people, like Paul Thurrot, are angrily hitting back at the new Apple ads for what he sees as being arrogant and libelous, but after reading his post, like many of his other posts, it is becoming more obvious to me, that he has a rather bias, arrogant and libelous view whenever he reports on Apple. Many, in fact, consider him to be one of the biggest Microsoft shills out there. That I don't know, but I certainly felt that his post, to me at least, seemed itself rather bias, arrogant, and yes, maybe even libelous to Apple.

So, are Apple's new ads,  in fact, really as arrogant and libelous  as Paul says they are?

Not in my book!  First of all, as far as I'm concerned, at least the Apple ads, past and present, are a lot more comical and entertaining than any of Microsoft's 'I'm a PC' ads. After all, it's not  the 'I'm a PC, I'm a Mac' ads that is the problem with Windows Vista. No, the problem with Vista is clearly, well -  Vista itself!  I won't waste my time listing all of the various problems associate with Vista, after all, the main press has been listing them for almost two years now and they are all well documented. All the Apple ads do is simply take advantage of them in a fun and amusing way. Vista's image problems lay squarely in Microsoft's court, not Apple's advertising methods. 

It's funny, when you think about it, that Microsoft feels it's necessary to spend over $300,000,000 to convince us that we should all love Vista, because, well, it's so great  - that they are going to replace as soon as they can - with Windows 7!  I don't understand, why, on one hand, they seem to be telling us that Vista is really great and, yet, on the other hand, they seem to be telling to us to forget all about Vista and concentrate instead on Windows 7, which, in reality, is nothing more than a rehash of Vista and Mr. Ballmer even  says so himself!

Yes, some PC folks may think that the new Microsoft ads totally mute and cancel out  all of Apple's ads, but, in reality, they don't. No, as they always do, these people just love to point out how many more people use Windows than any other OS.  As if somehow, in the process, that automatically makes Windows a better product.  After all, just because the majority of people drive Ford's,  Chev's, or Toyota's,  does that automatically make them better, or for that matter, more desirable than that of that of a Mercedes, BMW, or a Roll's? No it doesn't and neither does having a majority of the market automatically make Windows users, or Windows itself, a superior OS to either that of a Mac or Linux OS, including their users. So really, who is being the arrogant one here?

None of the Microsoft ads, the ones that I have seen thus far anyway, clearly shows what makes Windows so great or superior - none! All they do is show what a large (but shrinking) share of the market Windows has and how Windows users are real people! So, does this mean that Mac and Linux users are not real people?

Since the Microsoft ads love to show how many different types of great people use it, I guess, therefore, that automatically implies that these great numbers of ordinary people: doctors, actors, students, businessmen and women, scientists, housewife's, etc. somehow, as I said, also implies that Windows must also be great too. Credit by association, I guess? I'm not buying it!

So what? 

The funny thing is that all of those same great, everyday people - the doctors, actors, students, businessmen and women, scientist's, housewife's, etc., are also the very same type of people who also just happen to use a Mac, or for that matter, Linux! There is no difference here except the size of their respective market share.  They don't, for example, show how using the internet is somehow better on a PC than that of using a Mac or a Linux machine, now do they? Windows, yes, runs more games, for the time being, but all of those same games are also available, via Boot Camp, on the Mac too. Also, as the Mac's market share grows, also so does the number of native gaming apps ported continue to grow for the Mac likewise, making running Windows on a Mac less and less important with each and every passing day. 

So, again, what's the point? 

Of the two newest ads, the second one, seen below in this YouTube video, points out how Microsoft is seemingly going out of it's way to ignore even using the very word 'VIsta' in it's ads. This has not gone unnoticed by many people such as John Guber, one of the better writers out there.

My 2 cents on the Apple and Microsoft ads are that, of the two, Apple's is the most effective, something that can be easily demonstrated and seen in the Mac's explosive increase in market share since they came out. In just a few short years the Mac's presence in the market has grown within double digits, something that many predicted would never happen! 

Microsoft's new and massively expensive ads, on the other hand, simply say a lot of what we already know and very little of what we don't! They don't address, for instance, any of  the real issues plaguing Vista - all they do is simply point out that a lot of great folks use their software and by inference, imply that Windows must be also great,  since, after all, a lot of great folks use it. But then again, a lot of great folks also use a lot of things, like income tax forms, but that doesn't make paying income any more fun or desirable now does it? Trust me, I can think of a lot of things that people use, but don't want to, just like many don't want to use Windows and that goes especially for Vista.

My last words, on the subject, is how I find it so ironic just how so many people, like Paul Thurrot, continue to angrily and arrogantly react to Apple's ads, demonstrating in themselves, what they claim Apple and it's 'I'm a PC, I'm a Mac' ads are! For crying out pizza with anchovies, these are just ads, for goodness sake, not some type of religious event! 

Meanwhile, Microsoft continues to love shoving big numbers in our faces, numbers that show it's dominance of the market, including, for that matter, the size of it's advertising budget for these ads. Ads, that in the end, does nothing, absolutely nothing, that I can see anyway, to address the various and serious issue's with Vista. Like the Apple ad points out, they won't even mention, if they have to, the very name of Vista! 

Why is that? 

Could it be, in the end, that, when it comes to Vista, they really do have something to hid after all?

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Monday, October 20, 2008 

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