Friday, October 10, 2008

Apple Wins Big Time at T3 2008 Awards!

Every year Apple receives many awards and this year is no exception. Recently, Apple received several reader choice awards from Britain's T3, one of it's most popular tech sites.

In eleven out of sixteen categories, some 54,000 T3 readers, helped in pinpointing Apple to receive several awards, which just happens to include, one of the most prestigious - The commuter Gadget of the Year Award

And just what was that gadget you ask?  

As if you didn't know the answer: it was the iPhone, of course! 

Regarding the awards, T3 states:

"'The Garmin T3 Gadget Awards 2008 really do reflect the cream of this year's tech,' says Michael Brook, Editor of T3 magazine. 'And this is thanks to the T3 readers who voted in their thousands to sort the men from the boys. It's been important for us to have our readers involved in so many of the categories, since they are the ones using these products day in, day out, and can tell the hottest kit from the hype. The competition has been so strong this year, and some of the categories were just too close to call - we're hoping that the gadgets will be as fantastic in 2009, for the third T3 Gadget Awards."

The iPhone, as already stated, wasn't the only award that Apple garnered. Apple also received awards for the, 'The Best Music Gadget,' and, in addition, the greatest award of them all of them all, the 'Gadget of the Year Award,' which were both awarded to the 32 GByte iPod Touch. Like the iPhone, I''m sure that you got the answer to that one correctly as well, as it wasn't too much of a brainer. 

The awards don't stop there, because in addition to the Best Commuter Gadget, Best Music Gadget and  the 'Best Gadget of the year Awards, Apple also just happen to pick up the 'Best Candy Award' for the ultra-thin, innovative and downright sexy MacBook Air. All-in-all, I must say, not a bad showing for a single company. 

The a full list of the winners of this years gadgets are as follows:

Gadget of the year: Apple iPod Touch 

Best music gadget: Apple iPod Touch 32GB 

Best imaging gadget: Nikon D60 

Drop dead gorgeous: Audi R8 

Best new media: BBC iPlayer 

Gaming gadget: Nintendo's Wii Fit 

Toy of the year: Guitar Hero, music video game 

Commuter gadget: Apple iPhone 

Gadget Candy: Apple MacBook Air 

Retailer of the year: 

Innovation of the year: Sony XEL-1 OLED television 

Green gadget: Honda Civic Hybrid 

Hi Def award: Sony PlayStation 3 

Home gadget: Sky+ HD, digital television 

Gadget you can't live without: TomTom GO 930

And there you have it, another fine showing from the giant of Cupertino, as it continues to flex it's design muscles. What's next for Apple, what new and innovative designs can we expect to see forthcoming? Well, obviously, we can't know that just yet, but I am predicting that Apple's future gadgets should do just as well, if not better, than it's past gadgets have already done. Innovation is in Apple's blood, it's what they do, and it's what they do best. If just a small portion of some of the rumors of what Apple is working on bears any kind of fruit in the coming year, we can expect Apple to continue to receive even more of these types of awards.

So, looking over the past year, I congratulate Apple for all of the awards it has earned and received thus far, and, at the same time, wish them well in the future where we, no doubt, can expect to see even more awards forth coming.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Friday, October 10, 2008 See you next Monday, God permitting.

You can read more about T3's Awards HERE

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