Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are Apple's Multi-Touch Track Pads Revolutionary? Short Answer: Yes!


Thus far, most of the reviews of the new MacBook and it's big brother, the Pro, have been, for the most part, quite favorable. The biggest complaints have been mostly in the area of the exclusion of having a matte option for the Pro, or the lack of Firewire in the lower priced MacBook. Oh, and let's not forget the higher price! That's a big complaint, especially now in a world of such frightening economic uncertainty. Apart from that, well, the reviews have been mostly positive as I have said.

However, the one thing that seems to stand out, in a lot of these reviews, is the fact that the MacBook is, in reality, nothing more, nothing less than a smaller version of the MacBook Pro. The underlining specs, for the most part, are identical. Of course, the biggest differences, apart from the Pro's higher price, is the lack of Firewire on the lower priced MacBook and the Pro's beefier twin NVidia graphic capabilities, otherwise, the physical appearance is pretty much the same. Personally, from afar, I can't even distinguish them apart, as they look so much alike. Even close up, the only way that I can tell the difference between them is by looking at the name plate on the bottom of the bezel. I'm not sure if that is good news for MacBook owners, or, on the other hand, bad news for MacBook Pro owners?

What I want to point out, however, in this post, is the new enhanced multi-touch track pad. To me, this is absolutely one of the best things to ever come along in the world of laptops - and only Apple offers them, at least for now! Living in Canada, I have yet had the opportunity to see, yet alone, play with one of these new track pads, but hopefully soon I shall. All I know, in the meantime, was that the previous multi-track pads, as found on the previous MacBook Pro and it's anorectic little brother, the Air, were, for me, absolutely fabulous and downright revolutionary. Naturally so, I was very eager to see how the new enhanced version would work in actual use. Well, thanks to a post on JKOneTheRun, it's pretty darn slick, and yes, just as I thought of the previous multi-track pads, this one is being described as revolutionizing the way the reviewer, James Kendrick, uses his laptop as you can see in his YouTube video at the beginning of my post.

After viewing James video I must say that my interest in Apple's new laptops have reached a feverish peak. James makes using the new track pad seem like a marriage made in heaven. Truly, as his video shows, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words! In his video, James makes everything look so easy, so smooth and so functional that Apple should probably use it in their demos and adverts, as he ends up making the new track pad look soooooo cool and so desirable! I can't wait to get my anxious grubby little hands on one inorder to try it out myself and put it to the test. All-in-all, Jame's video looks pretty encouraging and I urge you to check it out if you had any doubts about Apple's new and 'different' way of track pading.

So, in conclusion, if you can't get the opportunity to enjoy using or owning one of Apple's latest-and-greatest, then, like myself, you can at least get to enjoy James enjoyinsg his! This is a great video that demonstrates Apple's "Thinking Different" approach in track pads. 

Thanks James.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Thursday, October 23, 2008

Video: JKOneTheRun

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