Friday, October 3, 2008

New MacBook Pro Photos - Real or Fake?

Well, it's October and, if recent rumors hold up, Apple, after what seems like eons and eons, will finally introduce all new MacBook Pro's. There has been much speculation as to what the new MacBook Pro's will look like and there has been no lack of photos, mostly, no doubt, Photo Shopped fakes, all claiming to be leak photos as seen above, via CultofMac. The expected date for the new machines is believed to be October 14th.

Personally, I really doubt the above photo. The dark track pad certainly doesn't look like the glass video track pad that many have been claiming is coming and that I been wanting big time! As MacSoda points out, the enclosed photo below is probably a much better candidate for being a real shot of the new MacBook Pro, but even that is a little doubtful as they also mentioned. At least this photo, which doesn't claim to be the new Pro, by the way, is from an advertisement for NViidia's new GeForce discrete GPU's, which some are also claiming the new Pro will feature. From what I can see, it certainly looks more like the current MacBook Pro, only this time with that track pad. Time will tell of course.

As I reported on earlier, I really like the 'next' Pro shot shown below. As you can see from the photo in my post, the glass video track pad has the dock running inside of it instead of on the desktop. I particularly like this, because it frees up more space on the desktop itself and gives, as far as I'm concerned, an added touch of class to an already sexy machine. The rounded corners and the aluminum body certainly seems to be in keeping with Apple's current designs too.

With all of the so called leaked shots of the upcoming MacBook Pro's, I am really getting curious as to what the actual design and specs are eventually going to be. Hopefully, Apple will include that large video glass track pad. There are several reasons as to why I think that would be a killer feature. One, is that it would further cement Apple's laptops as a trend setter, and two, as such, it would also be the first such glass video track pad ever on any machine, at least, as far as I know of, and it could prove to be a major selling point just because of it's uniqueness, let alone it's advanced functions?

Another big wish, for me anyway, would be the addition of more multi-touch capabilities in the next version of Apple's top-of-the-line laptop. Obviously, such a sophisticated video track pad could make real use of such technology. The ability to simply touch, move or rotate objects, would render the new MacBook Pro unequaled and head-over-heals above anything else on the market. From what I heard, the multi-touch glass video track pad would enable you to maximize movements across a large screen quickly and easily and all with just the minimum of movement from your fingers across the track pad's much smaller screen. No need to extend your arm and risk injuring your wrist! Also, by simply 'pinching,' as you now do on the iPhone, you could easily enlarge any area on the main screen, enabling you to work in much finer detail.

Another thing that I am really hoping for, in the MacBook Pro, would be for a much better and longer lasting battery. That is one of the main goals for any laptop maker, and I am hoping that if HP can make a laptop that can run for 24 hours straight, well, hopefully, Apple can also too? A quick, pop in/ pop out, removable battery would also be nice addition as well. No matter how sophisticated, how beautiful, or how many features a laptop may have, they are all of little use if you have to keep stopping to recharge your machine every time you turn around.

Apple's CFO, Peter Oppenheimer alluded to it and, hopefully, the new MacBook Pro's will have it - substantially lower prices! This is especially true in light of the present economy that we all find ourselves living in these days. If most people want it, but can't afford it, then it's obvious that most people are not going to buy it no matter how great it is, or how much they want it! When it comes to usability, features, power and raw sex appeal Apple has, in the past, always delivered in spades, but what Apple hasn't historically delivered was affordability. Times have changed and I can only hope that when it comes to pricing, Apple will change it's pricing accordingly and keep them much more in line with it's competition. Mind you, for the money, Apple has been doing a much better job as of lately, but a better job must they still do, especially if they wish to make even more head way with the likes of HP and Dell. Hopefully, this time around, they will delight us in this regard.

As Steve Jobs is famous in doing, let's all hope that there will be another one of those, "Just one more thing!" moments and that Apple will totally surprise us with something so new, so clever and so ingenious, that we never could have never even imagined it - something so new and different and completely unexpected that it will totally blow our proverbial socks off!

Come this October the 14th., hopefully we will see?

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Friday, October 03, 2008

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