Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Site-4-the-Day: MacLife

I remember a time when, every month, I would look longingly for the next issue of MacAddict magazine. It was new, it was bold, informative and it was entertaining. I loved the whimsical, funny and, as well, the practical side of it's many well written articles. And, oh, how I loved pouring through all of those yummy goodies found on their inclosed CD that was just chock full of Mac Software including games, internet resources, demos, freeware and other such software. From the silly to the serious side of things, that monthly CD held so much software that I seriously worried they would soon run out of new material. I was amazed that there was even that much Mac software in existence!

MacAddict magazine first started to publish in 1994 and ran until 1996. It was published by Imagine Publishing, which is now known as Future US. The company also published, along with MacAddict, CD ROM Today, a simlar magazine but for the PC crowd. Even though I miss MacAddict, including it's stick figured mascot, Max, all is not lost, as MacAddict was simply re-branded and has now morphed into the excellent Mac magazine, MACLIFE, which I am proud to feature as my 'Site-4-the-Day.' 

MacLife, like it's older version, MacAddict, still puts out great content on a regular basis. The writing is still sharp and witty, informative and entertaining as it ever was when it was still called MacAddict, inspite of the fact that it no longer includes that very anticipated monthly CD. The reason they no longer include the CD is obvious - the net. Before the net became what it is today, that monthly CD with it's demos, freeware, shareware and what have you was indispensable, but no longer, since anyone, at anytime, can easily download anything included on the disk, whenever they choose, making the CD totally redundant, but, for me at least, still very much missed.

Today, MacLife continues in the fine journalistic pursuit of bringing you the best, the most interesting and the most informative Mac news that you could find anywhere. It features a rich selection covering reviews, how-to's, news, blogs, videos, forums and an Editor's Choice feature. All-in-all, without question, this professional and well done site is a must visit for anyone interested in the Mac way of life. I especially love their easily accessible podcasts.

One article that I personally found very interesting was their recent post on the 'Top 10 Apple Influencers.'  I knew, of course, that Jobs and Jonathan Ive's both played their part in influencing Apple and the success that it is now enjoying, but I didn't know, nor would I have known of all of the other interesting people that have also played a big part in influencing Apple amazing success, if it was not for MacLife.  A very good read indeed.

As of this writing, some of their more recent posts include:

- Communication Breakdown

- Get Your Zen On with Meditation Apps

- Things

- FireFox Getting Multi-Touch Gestures?

- Free Sonos iPhone App Controls Music Streaming and their How To post, Rock Out in Garage Band with Rock Band Drum Controller

And there you go, one of the best Mac sites and all-around best Mac resources for old and new Mac users alike, and one that awaits you just a click away at MACLIFE. Whether you access MacLife for their iPhone, Podcast, Tip of the Day, Video, or their amazing Software Vault sections, this is one Mac site that will continuely inform, educate, entertain and delight you.

I sure know it has for me.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Wednesday, October 29, 2008 

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