Thursday, October 16, 2008

Will The New MacBooks Sell?

So, now that the dust is beginning to settle on the recent introduction of Apple's newest and greatest MacBook's, the question, in my mind, is how well will they sell?

Apparently, if you take a glance at the top ten best selling list from Amazon, that would be amazingly well, as recently reported by MacDailyNews.  And the really amazing thing, in all of this, is the simple fact that the new MacBook's are not only already selling well, but are selling well indespite of Apple's famous high prices!

Apparently, Apple really does know best, and, I guess, this is also true when it comes to pricing. After all, as Piper Jaffray analyst, Andrew Murphy, wrote in an e-mail yesterday, when it comes to Apple, " They've never done cheap well - but the $999 MacBook is a good start."

I have to admit, that even though I thought that the new models would sell, I didn't exactly expect, for a moment, that they would sell that well, or sell quite that fast! Of course, the truth of the matter, is that these machines are all first class acts, luxury models that are premarily aimed at the well-to-do in the first place. They are not perfect mind you, but then again, no laptop, note book, net book, or what ever you wish to call them is.

My main complaint concering the new MacBook's, especially in this current global economic turmoil, is that the price is still much too high. That isn't to say that I think that Apple should be exactly giving them away (but I won't complain if they ever wish to give me one!), but as great as they are, I think that if the competition can successfully sell similar hardware for half, or in some cases, a quarter the price of what Apple is asking, then why, on earth, can't Apple do likewise? After all, I'm quite sure that there are tons of potential MacBook customers, out there, that would just love to get their hands on one of the gorgeous new MacBooks. Unfortunately, this is something that ain't going to happen, simply because of the higher price points that Apple charges for the price of admission. 

With Apple's Mac market penetration of the world's biggest economy, that of the U.S., now nearing 10%, I can't help but think how much higher that figure would be if Apple only would make their Mac's more accessible - price wise! I think it would be worth a price drop, on Apple's part, just to see the reacton of it's competition as they squirmed in their seats, something that Microsoft has been doing a lot of lately and can be seen in their recent attacks on the Mac. As it stands now, Apple's continuing high prices have them, no doubt, breathing a sigh of relief. 

The reaction to the new MacBooks have been all over the place, but, if your personally interested in the gorgeous new MacBook offerings, then you might, in the meantime, also be interested in seeing somehigh quality un-boxing shots, or a video review of the new MacBook's here? Whether you can afford them or not, you have to admit, they are still so beautiful to look at. 

Besides not having the option of buying a new MacBook without the glossy screen, my only quibble with the new MacBook's, which are heads and heals technically superior to any other on the market, if you ask me, is the still, in my opinion, is the high price. Yes, it's a luxury product, but who says that luxury can't be a little more affordable?

If it wasn't for the one major issue of price, plus a few minor ones, then, maybe, just maybe the new MacBooks might have been a contender to be called the first ever - 'perfect' laptop!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Thursday, October 16, 2008 

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