Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally: The iPhone Nano Coming this June?

As far as rumors concerning a cheaper, less thrills, iPhone Nano, well, we all knew it was coming, but the question is when?

Apparently, according to several reports such as this one from Electronista.com, they, like many others, are stating that Taiwan's Economic Daily News, claims that Apple is lining up several potential chip suppliers, including well known Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and United Microelectronics Corporation to start producing chips for the iPhone Nano for a possible launch sometimes around June of this year!

Sweet if it happens, and I personally have every reason to believe that it will, if not even sooner!

This smaller and cheaper iPhone would help bridge the gap between the more expensive smartphone market and that of regular phones, and this should help enable Apple to grab a much more significant share of the overall mobile market in the process. This would, of course, help cushion Apple also from any impact that other iPhone copy cat phones, such as Google's Android or Palm's amazing and highly praised Palm Pre, might have on the iPhone's current and more expensive model.

As far as the competition goes, Android's first G1 was was pretty spiffy, but now reports of a second generation Android is making the rounds. This next Android, from the scant information we have, appears to be even more iPhone like, even to the point of having only a virtual touch keyboard like the iPhone. Also, despite all the praise for the new Pre, it's still not known to what degree it will help either Palm or threaten the iPhone. As the website iPhonic points out:

"The Palm Pre looks like a pretty nifty phone with some nice features. Whether it will turn around the fortunes of the ailing company remains to be seen. It certainly has potential, but it's up against not only the iPhone but a huge number of multimedia handsets.

It's going to be interesting to see how Web OS performs compared to OS X, and we won't really know that until we get hands-on.

Too many unknowns at present, unfortunately."

In other words: it's still far to early to say. However, my hopes is that both Android and the Pre, as well as other iPhone copy cat phones will help, in turn, spur Apple on to even more heights of innovation, and that it will also force them to take much more seriously the demands of it's customers, demands such as including physical keyboards, cut-n-paste, instant messaging, etc. a lot more.

As far as the iPhone Nano rumors go, well, if you ask me, I am totally convinced that they are a lot more than just plain rumors or simple pure speculation. Steve Jobs said himself, at the introduction of the original iPhone, that it was only the first of many and that Apple had a lot more planned, and since we have only seen two models thus far, I believe we should start to see a string of new models soon, and not only that for a Nano's either. In fact, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if we see a iPhone Nano even sooner than June. Well, at least that is what I'm hoping for anyway.

With a worldwide economy that seems virtually on the verge of a total collapse, the Nano's much lower pricing of around $99 or less, might just mean all the difference to Apple's bottom line. The upcoming Nano, or what ever it ends up being called, should help position Apple to ride out the present economic crisis until the economic situation improves, whenever that will be.

With several case manufacturer's accidently releasing iPhone Nano case information, and reports like those of Electronista and others, I would say that betting on Apple releasing a new iPhone Nano sometime soon would be a very safe bet indeed. Whether it's released slightly before or slightly after June, or in sometime in June itself, the iPhone Nano is definitely coming and soon. I'm just dieing to know what the final specs and pricing will be.

And thats my 2 cents 4 this Tuesday, January 14, 2009

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