Friday, January 2, 2009

MacWorld 2009: Don't Be Surprised If Your Surprised!

Tis the weekend before MacWorld and all over the blogosphere rumors and speculation abounds. What goodies and what surprises will Phil Schiller announce at this year's Job-less event?

That's what inquiring minds really want to know, minds just like yours and mine. Will it be a new iPhone Nano perhaps, or how about this oldie, but goodie - a MacBook Nano?

Certainly these, in my mind at least have some basis or credibility of actually happening. For example, (man, I love that name!), has a fine post on the likelihood of a MacBook Nano actually making an appearance, and they even go so far as to include some fine and spiffy mock-ups to boot, as you can see from the illustration at the beginning of this post, so be sure to check out the rest of these mock-ups for yourself by clicking on their link above.

At first glance, one could easily mistake their mock-up Nano with that of one of the recently introduced aluminum MacBook's or MacBook Pro's, but they claim that any new Nano would be radically different in what it offers, or should I say, didn't offer. According to ElectricPig, Apple would achieve this new technological wonder by:

"By doing what its designers do best: stripping away the features that clog up other ultra-portables, leaving the MacBook nano with more space to cram in the kit that really matters.

We reckon an Apple-branded netbook would shun connectors for external monitors, wired network connections and even abandon hardware support for headphones and a microphone. After all, if you’re using an ultra-portable you’re unlikely to be near an external monitor, and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can handle everything else."

Well, whether or not this new MacBook Nano, if it does make an appearance, would be technically the much rumored and much desired version of Apple's idea of a netbook, still remains to be seen. I'm not certain whether it will be announced, but I am kind of hoping that this will be the case.

One of the most interesting speculations, thus far, comes from AppleGazette. This fine Apple centric site asks the question, of whether or not, if Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, might surprise us by making an unannounced appearance at next weeks MacWorld! After all, as they point out:

"There have been many times in the past when Phil has appear in a Steve Jobs Keynote without being announced before hand. If Jobs is in good health, an appearance like this would solidify that point without him having to make a big deal about it."

Makes sense to me, and when you really think about it, not only would any Jobs appearance be a much welcome event, but it certainly, as they say, would go a long way in quieting those persistent rumors over Jobs health! It would be nice to see some people who, on nothing more than sheer speculation, have more-or-less, damaged Apple's stock by publishing such unconfirmed stories, mere speculation and utterly wild rumors! It would give them one hell of a black eye and, hopefully, they would think twice about doing so ever again!

Personally, I'm hoping, as I have said many times in the past, that if uncle Phil, or Jobs himself, delivers anything, I hope that it is finally, and at long last, that of a MacBook Air like laptop that fits into that iMac like dock of theirs! They have taken patents out for such a device and it would be the equivalent of having and eating your cake too - a device that was both a desktop computer, and, as well, one that was also a dedicated laptop! Pop it in, pop it out, and presto, you would have either a desktop or a laptop! How sweet would that be? Pretty damn sweet, if you ask little old me.

Of course, these are just a few of the many speculations of what may or may not happen on Monday. We could go on and on, as there seems to be no end to all of the speculating of what uncle Phil might eventually end up showing us in the absence of Steve doing another one of his famously styled, "just one more thing!", MacWorld keynotes. It wouldn't surprise me, one little bit, if Phil ended his keynote by saying something to the effect:

"Oh, by the way, just one more thing!", as Steve himself enters and makes his way across the stage to reveal the high-light of this MacWorld! Wow, now that would make it the greatest "one more thing" to ever come out of MacWorld and it would probably go down in history, thus ending Apple's quarter of a century participation in MacWorld in a big bang! You might even dare call it: "The Big Bang, of all Big Bangs!" Talk about an making an exit - oooooh baby - now that really would take the cake!

What ever happens, come this Monday, this will be one MacWorld that will be different than any other previous MacWorld in it's entire 30-year history, so what ever happens: don't be surprised if your surprised! I'm down right expecting to.

And thats my 2 cents 4 this Friday, January 02 , 2009

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Jan said...

There are a lot of things to watch out for on Monday MacWorld expo indeed. I can feel your excitement through this post. Are you covering it by the way?....Just one more thing, thanks for the visit. I appreciate it very much. :)

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks Jan for your comment. Yes, I'm both excited, curious to see just what is in store this coming this Tuesday.

Unfortunately, like most Apple observers I will have to be content with just watching it play out via the net and media.