Thursday, February 12, 2009

iPhone Accessories: The Best One of Them All - The Juice Pack Air!

It takes no stretch of the imagination to realize why the iPhone has become so incredibly popular. It's sexy, fast, functional, easy and extremely fun to use. As a phone it's often imitated, but, as of yet, no one has either quite equaled, let alone surpassed it, though, for obvious reasons, everyone and their little brother has been trying.

However, despite all of the many great features of the iPhone, from it's multi-touch gestures, to it's awesome display, to it's fantastically successful App Store, brimming as it is with thousands and thousands of first-class applications, the iPhone sadly still lacks in one very critical area - battery life! Or is it more the lack there of?

Anyway, if like some, you were holding back on getting an iPhone because of it's paltry battery life then great news - you need not do so any longer! That's because of all of the many attempts to give the iPhone more battery juice, someone has now finally gotten it right and have actually succeeded in giving the fabled device not only more juice, but in doing it with style and flair!

That company is none other than Mophie with it's soon to be released, Juice Pack Air. This device, unlike others, doesn't increase the iPhone's battery life at the cost of adding a bulky unattractive contraption to the iPhone, one that takes from it's sleek and sexy look and feel. No, in actual fact, there are those who feel that this is one device that actually improves the overall look and feel of the iPhone itself and even consider it to be a game changing accessory. It does, mind you, add a little extra bulk and weight, but nothing significantly to mention.

Furthermore, Mophie's Juice Pack Air is more than just cosmetic value too, because this baby means business - it will virtually double your battery life, increasing them as follows:

Increase your standby time: Up to 270 hours

Increase your talk time: Up to 4.5 hours for the 3G; up to 9 hours for the older G2 version.

And it will increase internet use: up to 4.5 hours (3G), and increase Wi-Fi use up to 5.4 Hours

Audio playback increase: Up to 20 hours, and up to 6 hours playback for video!

These are pretty impressive gains, and to think that it all comes bundled in a sexy, sleek package that doesn't take away from the overall appeal of the iPhone! Not only is it pretty impressive, but, frankly, if I were Apple, I would feel a little ashamed and embarrassed that they didn't think of offering it themselves as an optional accessory in the first place!

Another great feature of the Juice Pack Air, if you ask me, is the price - only $79 for a sexy addition that will have you rocking, talking and surfing the net more often, and considerably longer than you would otherwise! Yes, this might just be a game changer as far as the iPhone is concerned after all. I've read comments from many people and one of the biggest complaints about getting the iPhone, for them, was the fact that it was either tethered to AT&T, didn't have a physical keyboard, or have cut-n-paste (not yet, anyway) and a better or much more suitable battery life. That my friends, is no longer the case at least with the latter, thanks to Mophie's deliciously new Juice Pack Air!

Another great thing, by the way, about the Juice Pack Air is that it's more than just a great looking, rechargeable 1200mmAH external battery - it also does double duty as a great protective case, and comes in several colors to match your iPhone or your mood!

For me, the Mophie Juice Pack Air is one of those 'you just got to have it' type of accessories and one of those things that, quite frankly, should have been an Apple option from the very get-go !

The Juice Pack Air is now available for pre-order and I suggest that anyone who presently owns, or is thinking of owning an iPhone in the future, well, what in dickens are you waiting for - this is probably one of the best investments that you could possibly make to increase the functionality and overall use of your precious device, and all at minimal cost to you, so by all means, for the love of your iPhone - check out the Juice Pack Air today. You can thank me later.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Thursday, February 12, 2009

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