Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why the Mac is Back and Here To Stay!

Once again, Apple and the Mac has come up on top as having the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any other firm, or computer, according to a study conducted by ChangeWave Research. In fact, not only did Apple come out on top, but it virtually blew past any and all comers by scoring a whopping satisfaction rate of 81 percent! This is miles ahead of it's nearest competitors such as Asus with with it's second place 67 percent showing, or by Acer and it's 61 percent!

Having the highest satisfaction rate, I believe, is just one of the big reasons why more and more people have been switching in increasingly more numbers to the Mac and why it's here to stay. The high satisfaction rate is directly proportional to the Mac's success - the higher the satisfaction rate, the higher the adoption rate as well. Apple's phenomenal satisfaction rate, as shown by ChangeWave's recent study, should bode well in helping to increase the Mac's acceptance even further in the future. However, it is not the only reason that has contributed to the Mac's success. There are other reasons such as:

Media coverage! Yes, a lot of the Mac's success is due primarily to the media frenzy surrounding everything that is Apple. More than any other company, Apple attracts the press like no other firm can, or could ever hope to. It's every move, it's every whim is closely watched, analyzed and reported on. In addition to it's high satisfaction rate, the high quality of it's products and Apple's amazing string of innovation, the media's increasing fascination with Apple and that of it's high-profiled CEO, Steve Jobs, the media has played a very big part in Apple's success. How many companies, after all, get to see their newest products splashed all over the cover of major newspapers and magazines such as Time? Not too many, that's for sure, and it is my belief that this media coverage will continue and increasingly guarantee the future success of the Mac platform .

A third major reason for the Mac's success is Apple's own media department, one that is recognized as one, if not, the best in the business. In addition to helping to feed the press with teasers and press releases, Apple's own ads, such as it's ubiquitous, "I'm a PC, I'm a Mac' ads, among others, have contributed in helping push the Mac to newer and dizzying heights. As far as Apple's ads go, some people may hate em; some people may love em - but no one can ignore them! Apple's ads are everywhere these days and, so far, they have been very effective in getting out the message that the Mac is back, and I expect that Apple will be increasingly devoting more money and resources in this area, and, directly, as a result, we should continue to see even more new Mac converts in the process.

Another major reason for the Mac's current popularity is simply due to the influence of the many people who have already made the switch, and the impact that these people have made on their friends, relatives and business associates. Of all the reasons why people end up switching to a Mac, this positive word-of-mouth advertising has been one of most effective. Actually hearing and seeing your trusted friends, colleges and family members all describe how just  great their Mac experience has been, is something that money simply can't buy, and something that Microsoft should have learned before they invested in a massive $300,000,000 ad campaign aimed at directly countering Apple's adverts.

A fifth major factor contributing to the Mac's success has really nothing directly to do with the Mac at all - it's called Windows! And that goes especially for Vista! All of sudden, all of the many complaints with Windows is finally having an effect, and prompting it's users to consider looking elsewhere for solutions. Frankly, people are just getting plain old tired of Microsoft and it's half-baked products and the excuses that goes along with them. The "Wow' just isn't there, if it ever was? Windows is certainly usable, but painfully so! Using Windows means putting up with a lot of bloat and crap ware, as well as putting up with it being slow, buggy and much too prone to various security issue's. When comparing their experience's to that of using OS X, suddenly, XP seems so cartoonist, so boring, and so out of date! By borrowing heavily from OS X, Vista fixed that to a a certain degree, but at a considerable cost - it too was slow and as buggy as hell! Windows 7, hopefully, has learned a thing or two both from OS X and Vista, if and whenever it finally gets here. By then, I would expect that Apple's latest OS X updates will continue to do what they have already done so well in the past - blow Windows out of the water!

The last major reason for the Mac's success comes from people directly getting to see and use it in person, be it from being directly displayed in a store, at work, or from a friend or family member. Only after a person can get to kick the tires so to speak, and after they can get to see just what it can do, up close and personal, and just how different and how much better a Mac really is, can they fully appreciate and make the decision to finally switch! As influential as the Mac's media coverage has been, or how well done are Apple's ads, or how impressed their friends have been their new Mac's, it's the final, close up, one-on-one, experience of actually using a Mac that ends up converting them!

There will always be reasons why some people will never consider owning a Mac. The reasons are many as they are diverse, with some reasons being justified, and some not. However, in spite of all of them, and in spite of the recession, or any successful launch from Windows 7, I fully expect that we will continue to see the Mac grow and evolve exponentially, both in it's market share and in it's overall innovation and technical superiority! The recession and other factors may temporarily slow it's down, but, clearly, and in spite of everything else, when all is considered and said, it's plain to see that - the Mac is back and here to stay!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Thursday, February 19, 2009

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