Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Big Winner At the 2009 Engadget Awards: Apple

Yesterday, the extremely popular site Engadget gave out their Engadget Awards for 2008 and Apple came out the big winner - winning in eight out of the 22 categories!

Wining eight of the categories is amazing, especially considering that Apple wasn't included in many of the categories, such as televisions, camera's, gaming consoles and tablet pc's, etc. Possibly, if they were, then who knows, maybe they would have would won even more awards than they already had?

Getting back to 2008, Apple took home awards in the People's Choice section for the following categories:

- Gadget of the Year - the iPhone

- Smartphone of the Year - the iPhone

- Desktop of the Year - the iMac

- Laptop of the Year - the Unibody MacBook Pro

- Display of the Year - the 24-inch LED Cinema Display

- Handheld of the Year - the iPod Touch

- Portable Media Device of the Year - the iPod Touch

- Storage Device or Technology of the Year - Apple's Time Capsule

Well, the people have spoken and they have spoken loudly. Interestingly, Microsoft's iPod killer, the Zune, also won an award - the Worst Gadget of the Year Award! Seriously, the Zune isn't a bad device. It's software is actually very elegant, but still, it's just not quite an iPod. Talk about rubbing salt in your wounds!

However, when it came to the Engadget Editor's Awards section, well, I'm afraid Apple didn't fair quite as well as it did in the People's Choice section. Apple won virtually all of the same categories here as they did in the People's Choice section, but, however, minus one - for the Desktop of the Year, which went to Dell's excellent Studio Hybrid. Nice little machine, mind you, but, personally, I still prefer the iMac, because, it's just a sexier machine, with much better software overall. Again, this isn't putting down the Dell Studio line in anyway, because it is a very fine line indeed.

Well, what can I say? It's been another year and another fine Apple crop of awards! What will next year bring? Who knows? One thing is for sure, it will be a lot harder for Apple in the coming years to win, and that's for the simple reason that everybody, and I mean everybody, from big old Microsoft, Dell, Nokia, Palm and who have you, have been seemingly aping Apple's design philosophy these days, and producing, as a result, better and better products. From OS software development, to applications, to computer hardware design, to mobiles, everybody and their their dog have being copying and mimicking, to one degree or another, all of Apple's past moves, making it much harder for Apple to win in the future - unless, or until, that is, Apple can continue to keep on out innovating them as they have been famous for?

Fortunately, Apple's awards are for products that have helped, in part, to inspired much better product design from it's competitor's. These have helped to indirectly inspire products such as the highly praised Windows 7, the equally praised Palm Pre and open source 3D OS desktop software like Compliz.

Hopefully, come this time next year, Apple will not only win just as many awards as this year, but even more awards as it enters new product categories that, again hopefully, will be equal or even better than the ones that have come before.

Congratulations to Apple and to all of the products that they have helped to inspire and improve upon. That means, in the end, that the real winners are we, the consumers, be it Apple consumers or those of it's competitor's!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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