Friday, June 26, 2009

Move Over iMac: Here Comes The All-In-One PCs!

For years Apple's Mac has stood alone as the only all-in-one computer that you could buy. Even though Apple didn't invent the concept any more than it did the mpeg music player, or the smart phone, none-the-less, Apple's success with the concept has now gotten other PC OEMs all fired up, as they too try to cash in on the iMac's success by flooding the market with an every increasing array of new all-in-ones.

Even though I still think that the iMac is still, by far, the best looking of them all, the ever increasing flavors of PC all-in-one's are certainly getting to look pretty spiffy themselves, such as Dell's Studio 19 One, shown above. Dell's beauty is inexpensive and it also comes with the added option of a touch-screen. Great if your planning to upgrade to Windows 7. Photo via: Engadget

Above we find another great looking all-in-one PC, the HP TouchSmart. The TouchSmart, as their name implies, comes pre-installed with a touch-screen as standard fare. Currently it's limited to just touch, not multi-touch as with the iPhone. However, that should change once it's updated with a copy of Vista's renamed Windows 7.

Below, we not only find another all-in-one PC, but one that was directly inspired by the iMac even more so than than the others - the Fujitsu FMV F/A50. As you can see, this all-in-one looks incredibly like the original G5 iMac with it's white plastic housing. Photo via: ZDNet.

Next we find Cybernet's iOne-GX31 , shown above . Cybernet builds PC's mostly for the medical profession, unlike the Asus all-in-one seen directly below. This computer comes with an Atom processor, so it would never do it for me, even if it was running OS X. Still, it's a nice little computer with it's 15.6 inch screen and all. Photo via: Endgadget

Below we find another black beauty, the 25 inch Averatec D1200. What's really impressive about this model is that it comes for the low, low price of $999 dollars US! With true 1080p playback and a built-in digital/analog TV tuner, it can easily double as a bedroom TV as well. Not sure about the quality that they can pack into such a low price product, but, hopefully, if it's anything as good as it looks than it's a winner. Photo via: PCLaunches

Asus also offers another black beauty, the Asus Eee Monitor. Seen below this small, simple, yet elegant PC goes for around $500 US, and is built around an Atom processor. Again, it's not for me, but if all you want out of a computer is to use it for occasional net surfing, music and what have you, then this little all-in-one might just make a big impression on you with it's low price and small foot print. Chalk another one up for the Asian colossus. Eee Monitor PC photo via: PCAdvisor

Next we find what Tom Reestman calls a 'Netbook Desktop', the new ViewSonic VPC 100. This is the first time that the monitor maker has ever built a computer, and, like Tom, even though I think it looks hot - it's probaly not! As Tom astutely pointed out, "... I think buyers are going to be disappointed when they find out that their desktop PC is a cheap netbook in more expensive clothes." For a 18 inch, all-in-one, it's really underpowered and you would probably be better off looking elsewhere, but did I mention that it looks great? Photo via: The Small Wave

Last, but certainly not the least, is the sleek looking MSI Wind Top AE1900 below. Clearly, this particular model good looks were inspired not only by Apple's iMac, but even more so by Apple's old Cinema display. With a $529 US price tag, this computer features yet another Atom processor, which again automatically rules me out. I've played with this particular model and I think it's cool, economical and that it runs pretty well, just as long, that is, you limited it for simple chores such as surfing the net, playing music and simple games. Trust me on this, this isn't the type of computer that you'll want to try playing Crysis on. Still, as a kitchen unit, or as a backup computer, it's a sweet little thing indeed, even though it comes pre-bundled with big, bad, old and blah.... Windows XP! Photo via: I4U News

There you go, a few snaps of a host of interesting PC versions of the all-in-one PC that Apple pioneered for years with it's Mac and iMac. I still prefer the iMac, and not only for it's great looks either, but also for it's ease of use and all round performance. The PC, all-in-ones, are certainly getting better and better in all regards, as they increasingly crowd a market that was once owned exclusively by Apple.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Friday, June 26, 2009

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