Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Is The Prettiest Mac Clone?

With Apple successfully having Psystar's lawsuit lifted, it's probaly just a matter of time before this illegal Mac clone maker is no more.

However, Psystar isn't the only one crazy enough to think that they can get away with making unauthorized Mac clones. There are those sexy German's (Die Deutcherin esponder!) and their rather unsexy-styled PearPC's , and the new comer on the block, a cloner with a difference, Quo computers. The difference is that, like Apple, they also run a brick-and-mortar store, where one can come in and walk out with a perfectly running hackintosh for a mere fraction of the cost of an Apple one. Also, don't forget that the Russians 'are coming' with their own illegal Mac clones from a company called RussianMac .

Thus far, anyway, none of the clone makers, in my humble opinion, have succeeded in producing anything so compelling or as aesthetically as pleasing as anything from Apple itself. Hell, none of the big guys from the PC world have been able to do that, though admit-tingly they are getting closer by the day, and thanks in part to Apple's influence.

Even though the Mac clone makers have been able to build some pretty interesting Mac clones from a performance and price point of view, they still have yet come out with what I would call a sexy looking Mac clone, and especially when compared to an original Mac. Most Mac clones are basically modified PC's and look just as ugly as the rest. However, as PC ugly as most of these Mac clones are themselves, some are better looking than others and it got me to thinking, which of these Mac clones came the closest to looking like a genuine Mac, or at lest half decent looking.

Well, it's just my personal opinion, but when it comes to what I think is the best looking Mac clone out there, well, for my 2 cents, I would have to go with the MiniBook from RussianMac! The MiniBook is probably the first Mac cloned 'netbook' that you can buy pre-assembled and, according to, it looks like the MiniBook may be a modified Asus Eee PC 1000H, or possibly an Eee PC 901.

The MiniBook may be pretty, but it's still somewhat pretty ugly when compared to a genuine MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. But still, at least to me, it's the prettiest of the crop of Mac clones

However, if I were to actually go out and buy a Mac clone (which I certainly wouldn't do!), I would pick, for it's over all reliability and workmanship, one of the German built-machines. For convenience I would pick one of the Quo computers, and especially if I lived in Southern California. However, when it comes to sheer and unadulterated sex appeal, well, I would have no choice but to go for that RussianMac MiniBook!

However, in the end, and long before I would ever buy myself a Mac clone, I would tend to think that I would much prefer to try and build my very own generic PC and then hack it myself.

In that case, it would end up, becoming the most inferior, most inconvenient, and down right the most ugly Mac clone of all time!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Thursday, June 25, 2009


dan said...

lol nice! well if they can not afford it then fake it! well if i was going to do something like that i would use a notebook instead of a netbook those 10inch screens would be too small.
There is a linux distro called dream linux that attempts to look like mac osx but as usual its just not the real deal, I myself would save up for the real thing.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks Dan, I must say I agree with you 100%Q I much rather save up and get the real deal too. Dream Linux is interesting, but, as you said, it's not the real deal. Nice, but not quite nice enough. Ubuntu is my second OS, but OS X is my baby all the way!