Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's Wrong With This Pic of OS X?

What's wrong with the above OS X screen shot? There's something out of place, but can you spot it? Look carefully, because it's hard to see, and if your like myself and you can't spot it, the difference is simply this:

It's not OS X - it's Mac4Lin!

Mac4Lin is a Linux hack that gives your Gnome based Ubuntu distro a complete Mac OS X make over. In fact, Mac4Lin does such and excellent job of giving your Linux OS the OS X treatment that it has been nominated and is now in the finalists for the SourceForge Community Awards. Now thats impressive indeed!

Well, they say that copying is the sincerest form of flattery, and well, if thats the case then OS X must be one of the most flattered OS's in history. Just about everyone these days seems to copy or borrow from it in one way or the other, from the new SuperTask Bar in Windows 7, to the use of transparency and animated desktop effects, etc., OS X has influenced not only computer OS's, but other product interfaces as well, such as in mobile phones, mpg players, TV's, etc.

As you can also see in the above screenshot, you would have a very hard time distinguishing between Mac4Lin from the real deal. It's not perfect of course, as Nanci Barthelmess's blog, I'm Just an Avatar, clearly points out:

  • There is an issue with how the installation script installs the Emerald themes. You will have to install them manually until we can get that fixed.
  • The wallpapers aren’t showing up due to a permissions issue. It should be an easy fix for us and we’ll include them in the update already being planned. Until then you can always add them by hand from the Wallpapers folder where you extracted the .tar.gz.
  • Usplash is still buggy (I hope to have that fixed today)
  • Thunderbird theme is still buggy
  • GDM theme is not automatically set by the script (this seems to be a GNOME limitation rather than a Mac4Lin issue)

Still, Mac4Lin is impressive, and probably the best of the bunch, but it's not the only source for Linux fans wanting an OS X like experience. There are other OS X themes out there, and yes, there's even a whole Linux distro inspired around OS X called, DreamLinux . DreamLinux hails from Brazil and it's dream is to create, more or less, an open source version of OS X! You can read more about DreamLinux and three other OS X inspired Linux distros here.

Linux is a great OS, and is very similar in many ways to OS X itself. However, as great as many of the Linux OS X inspired themes and OS's are, they are still not the real deal - they are still not OS X! I have always thought how funny it was that people would complain about OS X all the while they are bending over backwards trying to copy it in one form or the other! I never could quite understand that, but the very fact that so many do so is a testament to just how great OS X really is. After all, nobody that I know of, anyway, goes out of their way to copy junk now would they?

So, again, what's wrong with the those OS X pics, one's that are not really OS X? Nothing, absolutely nothing! They, as I have stated, are a real testament to the overall impact and greatness of OS X!

However, in conclusion, as flattering as Mac4Lin and other OS X themes are, and as flattering as the OS X inspired OS's also are, they are in the end, still not the real deal. For that you'll need a genuine copy of OS X, and running on a genuine Apple built Mac. Nothing else will do!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mac4Lin Photos via: Mac4Lin and Life-Hacker


dan said...

lol hell it looks so real ,linux disto that look like os x! iv also seen xp themes that do the same thing.there is a name for copying mac, i think its called hackingtosh or something like that

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks for you input Dan. Yes, it certainly does look like good old OS X. Good thing too that Linux has only around 1% of the desktop, or otherwise, Apple legal might be tempted to sue!

I actually have an XP theme for OS X that I use with ShapeShifter. XP looks like crap, but somedays, when I'm in a crappy mood, I actually use it! lol, funny, little old me.

Anirudh Acharya said...

I'm very happy to announce that Mac4Lin has been declared as one of the finalists at Sourceforge.net Community Awards 2009 in the Best Visual Design category. The final phase of voting began today and will run till July 20th 2009. Please vote for Mac4Lin, if you feel it deserves to be voted. To vote click on this image:


Optionally, you can also click on the first box in the right frame on my blog (http://phoenix-ani.blogspot.com). You do not need to Sourceforge.net login id. All you need is a valid email id. Each vote is associated with an email id, which needs confirmation that you actually voted (you will get an email giving a confirmation link, so all you need to do is click it). The whole voting process takes just 3 clicks.

I urge patrons to vote for Mac4Lin if they feel it should win. I once again thank everyone for their continued support, feedback and appreciation. Mac4Lin exists today because of you all :) Do spread the word around about this.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Congratulations Anirudh Acharya on being selected as a finalist. I hope you win as you have done a wonderful job on your project. Yes, I've have already voted and, once again, I hope you win!

Good luck.