Monday, July 6, 2009

Planning To Buy A New iPod: Don't - Wait!

Since the iPod Touch just happens to share the same software, and basically the same identical hardware (minus the telephony) as does the iPhone, it's obvious to many, that many of the new features of the newer iPhone 3GS, such as it's upgraded camera and video capabilities, will also eventually be making their way into the next generation of the iPod Touch.

Evidence for just that has recently emerged and is being reported on by several sources such as TechCrunch. According to them, we can now prepare ourselves for such a video equipped Touch soon.

Apparently, sources in Asia are reporting that Apple has been buying up literally millions of cameras, cameras that are expected to find their way into each and every future model of the iPod, excluding the lilliputian Shuffle, of course. This indeed could, as TechCrunch says, have the entire low end video camera market, including the makers of the extremely popular 'Flip video' recorder, "quaking in their collective boots'!

TechCrunch even went so far as to say:

"Thank God those iPhones are so expensive, and Apple will only sell 20 million or so of them in 2009. If Apple added cameras to its line of iPods, there would be another 3+million of them hitting the market per month, and the low end of the digital video camera market could be crushed."

Well, I don't know about crushing the entire video market, but certainly makers of devices such as the Flip video would be severely impacted by such a move. Why bother to buy a Flip video, for example, when you can buy, for around the same price, a device with a built-in iPod?

Personally, in light of such an iPod, I can see absolutely no reason to buy such devices what-so-ever. The iPod Touch, though a little more expensive than basic models of Flip type devices, would be even a more compelling device. The big reason here, of course, is that the iPod Touch has instant access to the App Store's thousands upon thousands of apps, including some pretty nifty game titles! This, frankly, is a no brainer to me, and I'm sure that there are a lot of new Flip owners out there that will be 'flipping out' once video enabled iPod's start hitting the market.

Whether or not Apple sells 3 million a month or not, I can't say. However, what ever the number, I'm pretty dang-tooting sure it will be a lot. I was personally thinking about buying a Flip video recorder, but not any more. In fact, my personal advice, if your planing to buy either one of those or even an iPod is - DON'T! Unless, of course, you like the idea of being disappointed, or you like the feeling of being ripped off, because that's probably what your going to feel like once Apple's latest crop of video iPod's start hitting the street.

Of course, the big question is when?

How about next month?

Well, according to some reports that is. And to be quite frank, I tend to agree whole heartily. For one thing, now that Steve is back I'm personally quite sure he is very anxious to not only demonstrated Apple's latest and greatest, but also that he is healthy and is more than capable of doing his job. Hopefully, in the process, he can finally put to rest all of the media frenzy surrounding his personal health.

Amen to that brother!

I'm personally getting sick of all of the half-baked lies, innuendos, rumors and what not? I would love, like many, to finally see an end to this rather unfortunate side show.

Hopefully, as well, we will also get to see some bumped up new iMac's, with even lower prices to boot, but either way, since August is just around the corner, again I will say - don't buy a new iPod just yet - wait! August is almost here and if you don't, well, my personal gut feeling is that your going to be sorry if you buy now. So if you can hold off, do so. You can thank me later.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Monday, July 06, 2009

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