Friday, August 7, 2009

From the Past, the Future Arrives: The LG G10!

Barely a million years ago, when I was a young child, I remember my dad really loved to read Dick Tracy in the newspaper. I never really cared for that particular strip, but one thing that I really did like about it's hero was that he had this cool telephony wrist watch.

Yes, now that was cool before cool was even cool! Man, I loved to watch Dick holding that thing up to face to communicate with his fellow coppers. I remember too, how I wanted one of those blasted little things, but as my dad would always point to me, "it's just a comic boy; that's so far into the future that you'll never live long enough to see one - if ever!"

Boy, oh boy, I guess that makes me really old then, because, thanks to the LG G010, the future has arrived! As you can see above, some babe is holding a very futuristic 3G mobile, Dick Tracy type, contraption in her pretty little hands - the LG G10!

As Tim Stevens, writing in Engadget says:

".............. it's a videophone in a watch and that concept doesn't get your gadget senses tingling you're probably dead inside."

I have to agree, and this is all the more so for me, since I grew up lusting after the Dick Tracy version and after having my hopes and dreams crushed by my father's admonition that it would never happen in my lifetime, this is especially sweet. Sorry dad, I love you, but you were dead wrong on that one, because, as we can all see from the YouTube video below, this baby's time has arrived.

As Engadget also pointed out, at about $1,600 for the thing, it might be cool, but it's probably too bloody well expensive for a lot of us poor folks, including little old me. In one sense my dad was correct, because even though I lived long enough to see one come to pass, I will probably also never get to own one, because of it's futuristic price!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Friday, August 07, 2009

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