Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Apple Ads and New Snow Leopard Graphics: Good or Bad?

Well, it's been awhile, but there's another new "I'm a PC, I'm a Mac" ad out, as you can see above.

This particular ad features Patrick Warburton who's better known as being Puddy from Seinfeld, and The Tick from the Tick. There's also a girl who looks an awful lot like Lauren from the Microsoft "Laptop Hunter" ads.

Dan Nosowitz, writing for Gizmodo, says that the ad is irritating and that Patrick wastes his considerable talents and the chance to really make a funny ad. I don't know if I find it so much irritating, but he's certainly right about it repeating the now familiar theme that Windows is bogged down in viruses' and the Mac is not.

It's time for a change, don't you think?

I do, and with Snow Leopard now ready to pounce, this coming Friday, I personally would have preferred to see Apple do a straight forward looking ad on the virtues of it's new OS. With the perception that Windows 7 is just as good of an OS as OS X, its vitally important that Apple educates those with such mindsets as to why that is not the case, and why its also true that Snow Leopard is significantly a much better OS.

Apple would be much better off show casing Snow Leopard's futuristic new technologies such as it's Open CL, or it's Grand Central feature, or Expose in the Dock (my favorite, by the way), and what have you? There is considerablly more to OS X Snow Leopard than meets the eye, and a lot more then you'll ever find in Windows 7! I mean, if ComputerWorld can highlight Snow Leopard's seven best features, then why can't Apple's ads do something along the same line? After all, most people don't read ComputerWorld, but just about everyone watch's the old telly tube.

Speaking of Snow Leopard's new graphic's, particularly the box, Gizmodo's Jesus Diaz says that he hates it! He thinks its a backward step from OS X's history of producing excellent box designs. Even though I heartedly agree with him on OS X's past box designs, (they really were gorgeous) I'm not too sure I agree with him on the new one for Snow Leopard.

Personally, since Snow Leopard departs from the traditional view of simply adding new features in a new OS, and goes instead for making the OS much more stable, faster and more secure, the change in graphics is really quite appropriate. Besides, just look at that Snow Leopard's puddy little face.......... it's absolutely adorable, don't you think?

So is the new Apple "I"m a PC, I'm a Mac" ad and the it's Snow Leopard graphics good or bad?

Well, the jury is still out on the ad as far as I'm concerned, but, for me, Snow Leopard's new box and CD graphics are just hunky dory, but, what ever, what's really important is what's inside of the box! As far as I'm concerned, I couldn't care less as to what the box looks like, just as long as what's inside is everything that Apple claims it supposed to be, then I'll be one happy camper.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Snow Leopard Box photo: Apple via: Techgage

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