Friday, August 21, 2009

Palm Pre Ad Lacks Originality, So It Copies Apple's!

Well, what can I say except that apparently Palm, in desperation to sell it's Pre, knows absolutely no shame what-so-ever!

Yes, after all the dirty tricks that they have used thus far, like using Apple's iTunes to sync music, violating Apple's multi-touch patents, poaching it's employee's, etc., now they have gone even farther!

Yuppers, apparently they can't think of anything original, so they just decided to use Apple's own originality, by this time copying and styling their Pre ads to mimic much of the iPhone ads, as seen above in the YouTube video.

As Engadget said, concerning it's latest Canadian Bell Pre commercial, that it "..... couldn't be more Apple if it had an Orba Squara soundtrack'!

As Dan would say, "I mean think about it", are these people just plain lazy, or what? Do they really think that we are all so gullible that they can pass off the Pre, with these knock-off ads, as if it was an iPhone, or what?

I don't know about you, but these bozo's are really beginning to cheese me off big time with their childish antics. Its almost as if they were deliberately trying to piss off Apple, or as if they have some kind of a personal axe to grind (maybe they do, at least for some of it's ex-Apple employees)!

For one thing, if they think that they are somehow coming across as some type of a righteous little David, battling an unrighteous big, old and bad Goliath, and that their fighting for all that is good, decent and American, well, thats not the impression that I'm getting. If you ask me, Bozo's is a word that comes more to my mind, but then again, maybe I'm dumber than I thought and I'm just not picking up something up here?

In conclusion, whatever it is that Palm is up to, what ever is their logic behind them seemingly aping every move that Apple makes, I'm sure its not the last we shall see of this kind of blatant Apple mockery.

If their going to go head-to-toe with Apple, for crying out baked beans and fried toenails and liver guts, and for Pete's sake, and for all that is good and decent, why can't they be just a little, wee bit more original?

You know, kind of like ....... Apple!.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Friday, August 21, 2009

YouTube video via:, via: Gizmodo and: Engadget

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