Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whacked Out Apple Tablet Concepts!

Those creative and crafty folks over at Gizmodo took a funny look at Apple's supposed upcoming iTablet yesterday.

Their irreverent look at Apple's much rumored device features a gallery of some whacky and humorous 64 rendered iTablets, some of which where very funny indeed, like the one below that featured a young Bill Gates holding the upcoming device.

After all, if anyone needs to get their hands on an Apple device it's Microsoft, so that they, in turn, can tear it apart in order that they can then build their own buggy and half-ass baked copy of it!

To prove that he's now the big man in charge, Microsoft's own beloved Steve, Mr. Ballmer himself, holds the coveted Apple tablet with that look on his face - you know, the look of utter disdain, and the one just before he goes on to thrash the thing and just before he says something like:

" what the.... #^$#%#%#%#% !

You mean #@#@#$#%$@$# dollars for this thing and it doesn't even have a physical keyboard!

Now thats got to be the most $#@#@! expensive tablet in the world!

No, I think I like our strategy better ...... providing millions and millions of cheap, inferior and crappy products that frustrate and %$%$#$@$$ up our customers with viruis's and blue screens of death! Yes, I like our strategy better ....... I like it a lot!"

And hey, don't forgot the hilarious iTablet being used as a remote to control the ridiculously humongus iPod just hanging on some guy, or girl's living room wall! For crying out pizza, I sure would hate to try and slip that baby comfortably down my back pant pockets! Imagine if the sound was anywhere equal to the size of that thing? Busted ear drums anybody?

Also, as you can see from the above pic, this sexy looking iTablet (or what ever Apple ends up calling it), is seen with an even sexier looking girl, and one that I hope comes with the tablet, because in that case....... I don't care if the tablet works or not.......... I'm ordering a DOZEN of them!

Well, in conclusion, as funny as these supposed and decidedly Photo Shop creations are, the ones above are just a fraction of the 64 that Gizmodo listed, so if you haven't already seen their whacked out post... then what on earth are you waiting for? For crying out pizza with anchovies and gravey, head on over and laugh your head off!

I know I did.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PS: Be sure to check out PCWorld's rendering of not 'so funny' possible Apple Tablet renderings as well.


dan said...

Tablet + girl = :)

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks Dan for your comment. Yes, tablet + girl would great..... Apple would sell a bazillion of them for sure! If only it was that easy.

hanum said...

really awesome gadget. Great innovation. I like it.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks Hanum. I wonder just how close tomorrow's announcement will resemble some of these concepts?