Friday, October 30, 2009

MacBook Pro 2010 Speculation, What's Next?

Based on evidence in the above screenshot of a new build of OS X 10.6.2, the speculation on the next MacBook Pro has begun, but what can we expect to see?

One thing that we do know, thanks to Apple's Phil Schiller, is that Apple will NOT be making any new products announcements until sometime next year, but according to

"That fact hasn't stopped rumors and speculation though. Apple Insider reports that the new MacBook Pro will move from NVIDIA graphics to ATI 45xx series GPUs along with the newest Intel Core i7 CPUs.

It's not hard to image Apple shedding NVIDIA GPUs and moving towards AMD parts with all the issues that NVIDIA had with the 9400 GPU line that Apple uses now. The two new machines are pegged as high-end models. We can only wait and see if these rumors pan out at this point."

Well, I guess that's a reasonable assumption to make considering all of NVIDIA's recent woes, but what else could we expect to see, if anything? My guess is as good as yours on that one, but the one thing that I do know and hope for is that it might get one of those new fangled OLED screens that people love to drool over, provided of course, that they can overcome certain characteristics of today's screens, namely that they look gorgeously sharp and bright indoors, but look completely faded, dull and washed outdoors! Samsung is promising that it could have OLED based laptops out as early as next year, so why not Apple?

In addition to possible new OLED screens, naturally I would also love to see Apple come out with one that also doubled as a multi-touch screen as well. In addition to that, naturally, it can also be expected that Apple will be adding one or more of Intel's new wickedly fast and bad-ass i5 and i7 processors to the mix! Yeah, like that would be totally radical and would give all of those new multi-touch Windows 7 laptops a real good run for their money, and especially when considering that the MacBook would also include what they don't - like its mighty fine multi-touch track pad and its new optional multi-touch Magic Mouse, which might make them a type of multi-touch over kill, but also - one to kill for!

I'm pretty certain the next MacBooks will be getting the newer quad i5 and i7s, but the OLED screens that I'm not too sure of, and the same goes for the multi-touch screen aspect, but it's always so fun to speculate and dream isn't it? These dream features would be expensive, especially the OLED part, and, would require of me, if I want to buy one, achieving just one more dream of mine - that of wining the lottery! But, what ever, as always, I'm still looking forward to seeing the next crop of Apple gear regardless of what they might, or might not contain, and even though it's just a personal hunch, I believe that we could be in for some surprises, and pleasant ones at that!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Friday, October 30, 2009

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AppleRumors said...

Should Macbook Pro 2010 be Intel Core i7?

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks AppleRumors for your comment, and yes, your totally correct, it should be an i7 CPU, at least if I had my say in the matter.

And oh, by the way, great Apple dedicated site you have there. Keep up the great work!