Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Apple Tablet: Coming In March?

According to a recent report, Mr. Reiner, an Oppenheimer analyst, says that when it comes to Apple's infamous tablet, his personal checks into Apple's supply chain suggest that it should be more than cable of supporting the production of up to one million units per month, and that we can expect that the tablet to begin hitting mass market stride come this February.

Mr. Reiner also noted that Apple needs to build up a supply of at least five or six weeks of inventory before it actually releases the tablet, which should be around March or April at the latest. Apple, he believes, wants to avoid the last minute production glitch's that had prevented the iPod Touch from getting a highly anticipated camera, like the one in the Nano.

In the beginning, Oppenheimer believes that Apple will sell around one to 1.5 million tablets per quarter, and the that the tablet should add an additional 50 to 75 cents to APPL stock share earnings. The company's price target for Apple, by the way, is $235 per share.

Unlike the Kindle which has "disgruntled the publishing industry" with its "wolfish cut of the revenue", Apple will apparently change all of that by making its tablet much more publisher friendly, allowing them greater flexibility and much fairer revenue sharing equal to what the APP STORE now offers, which splits all sales revenues 30/70.

Oppenheimer also stated that the upcoming tablet will sell for a price of approximately $1000, while others believe it will be much more "shockingly" lower than that, at around $700, or even less. Some believe that Apple will also offer a higher end model featuring an OLED screen, something that Oppenheimer completely dismisses, which, if true, would be a real bummer as I've got my heart set on one.

My hopes for 2010 is that Apple will bring out tablets priced in the low, middle and higher ends, and thus accommodating for the various needs, desires and various price points of the overall market in general, and that any tablet won't cater to just a tiny or exclusive part of it.

The more I read about Apple's much over hyped tablet, be it just rumors or the little factual information that we get of it, the more eager and curious I am to get my hands on one. It seems that everyone and their dog is talking about Apple's upcoming tablet, except, of course, as usually is the case, Apple itself, which has so far neither confirmed or denied the very existence of a tablet!

So, will we actually finally get to see the fabled Apple tablet come this March or April as Mr. Reiner predicts?

Hopefully, but time will tell. The only thing that I will add, at this point, is that good old 2009 has just about had it, and, before you know it, it will be 2010 already! In other words, it shouldn't be much longer if we see what Mr. Reiner and others are predicting will become a game changing product will come to pass or not.

Personally, as far as I'm concerned, I'm really hopiing that the upcoming Mac tablet will be not only as great as some are predicting, but that it will go even farther than those predictions and will surprise us all by going far beyond anything that we can now imagine!

After all, Apple has done it many times before, and, hopefully, it will do it again.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Wednesday, December 09 , 2009

Tiny tablet pic via: Product News

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