Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finally: The New 27 Inch iMac & Blue-Ray Together At Last!

Even though I'm very disappointed that I have to wait yet another three or four more weeks to get my hands on a new quad based 27 inch i7 iMac, at least I'm very happy about a news release yesterday that Apogee Inc. has developed and will soon release and market a new patent-pending solution for the 27 inch iMac that will finally enable it to connect to either a Blue-Ray player, a Xbox 360, or one of Sony's PS3 video gaming consoles, as seen in the opening video!

This is great news indeed as the mammoth new 27 LED screen just cries out for the ability to play real honest-to-goodness Blue-Ray movies on its gorgeous ISP high definition screen! The ability to also play Xbox and PS3 games on this particular model of iMac is also a big plus as well, and should prove to be just one more reason for people to lust over this machine, a machine that is apparently already enjoying extremely strong sales! Despite not really being a gamer myself, Apogee's new device now tempts me to buy one of these fine gaming consoles just in order to see them running on my upcoming new toy.

Before Apogee announced their yet unnamed product, the iMac's gorgeous IPS display was limited to acting as a standalone monitor since it only worked with other DisplayPort devices such as the new uni-bodied MacBooks. Thanks, however, to Apogee's upcoming HDMI-to-DisplayPort adapter your new 27 inch iMac will now be able to enjoy unlimited connectivity with other devices.

Apogee's upcoming new dongle certainly helps makes waiting, for the 27 iMac, seem a little more bearable, since they are also promising to reveal more on its availability and pricing soon, most likely at this January's upcoming CES show in Vegas. The sooner the better, of course, because this new HDMI-to-DisplayPort connector and a new 27 inch, quad i7 iMac, with at least 8 GB of RAM, well, they just bloody dang well belong together and the sooner that we can get our anxious little hands on them, well, as I've said, all the better.

So in conclusion, just let me say........ please Apogee and Apple, please don't screw up and get these two fine products out the door and in our hands as soon as possible ..... pretty, pretty please!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Wednesday, December 16 , 2009

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