Thursday, December 3, 2009

iPhone Killers: Why They Can Never Really Kill Off The iPhone!

What has always made Windows the biggest selling OS was never the OS itself, but rather the sheer number of apps that ran on it, and even though by copying or borrowing features from other OS's have made todays Windows much better than previous versions, it's still the sheer number of apps available for it that is, by far, it's most compelling feature or asset.

Steve Ballmer's viral video below, the one showing him dancing around the stage shouting, "Developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers....." may be funny to some, but there's a very good reason why he gets so worked up and excited about developers, and that's because he knows, and far better than most, that it those developers who are the real reason behind why Windows continues to dominates more than 90% of the market! Having more apps is considerably more important than the OS they run on, and it's the number of apps available, more than any other factor, that will either make or break any platform, whether that platform is a desktop OS, or an OS like those found on today's smart phones. After all, it doesn't really mater how good, or how superior or feature rich an OS is, if there is little or any apps to run on it. Applications are the most critical ingredient to the success of any OS, again be it on the desktop, or the one running your mobile phone.

And that brings me to my point for this short post - developers, developers, developers! Just like good ol Stevy boy, its those developers that give us the apps, and its those apps, the sheer and ever growing number of them now available for the iPhone that may make it now next to impossible for all of those so-called wannabe iPhone killers out there, be it the BlackBerries, the Androids, the Palmers, Nokians or whom have you, to ever catch up, let alone kill off the iPhone now, at least anytime soon!

The sheer and daunting number of apps now available in the APP STORE may already seem astronomical to some, but it's just the beginning folks, because analysts, such as IDC, are predicting that by 2010 the number of available apps for the iPhone will, in all probability, grow to an mind numbing and stunning 300,000 plus!

As gargantuan as that number may seem, it's still falls short of what Charles Jade, writing for the AppleBlog, is predicting when he writes:

"300,000 apps in the App Store by 2010? Try half a million, minimum."

Whether it's 300,000 apps, or it's a half million or more, that's a hell-of-a-lot of apps by any stretch of the imagination. And get this, today the number of compatible apps for Windows 7, for instance, only stands around a mere 10,000! Mind you, that number will quickly increase as developers of existing apps update them, but nonetheless the very fact that the iPhone now already has some ten times the amount of compatible apps as the does the latest and greatest version of the world's most dominate OS is truly remarkable any way that you wish to slice it!

One of the most important things to consider about all of these iPhone apps is that they are written in nothing less than good ol OS X! That means, as ever more developers write ever more apps for the iPhone, they will become ever more conversed and knowledgeable in OS X, and you got it...... the ever more likely that they will eventually become interested in porting many of their ever growing library of OS X iPhone apps to the Mac, as well as other apps, and and ones specifically made for the Mac!

And, yes sir my very smart, fashionable and good looking readers, all three or four of you - that means that the more apps available for the Mac, the more likely it too will grow in the process as well! What made Windows the biggest OS on the planet can do the same, just as easily, for the Mac as well. I'm not saying that the Mac will grow larger than Windows anytime soon, but it's not entirely out of the question either.

The bottom line is simply this: more developers = more apps, and the more apps for the iPhone platform could and should put the iPhone in the very same position that Windows enjoys today - namely: being the possessor of the largest share of the market place!

And, in addition, let me conclude by saying that the more success we see for the iPhone, the more likely that success will spill over to the Mac side as well, which, of course, is exactly what is already happening, because, in the end, for any given platform, the more apps one has available for it, the more likely people will flock, buy and use that platform, and that means both on the iPhone and on the Mac side as well, and that is why I firmly believe that both are about to explode in size, scope, influence and, very importantly, in their overall market share!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Friday, December 04 , 2009

IDC logo via: 9to5Mac's article on this very same subject, so be sure to check em out as well.


atlibertytosay said...

"ever more likely that they will eventually become interested in porting many of their ever growing library of OS X iPhone apps to the Mac, as well as other apps, and and ones specifically made for the Mac!"

This has already happened to a degree and is coming more common - the awesome thing about the iPhone is that although the UI is different - it is essentially OSX lite underneath - it is my belief that Apple's next secret weapon will be the tablet with a hybrid UI and eventually all Apple products will move to it - upon introduction there will be the 300,000 apps your speaking of!

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Thanks atibertytosay for your insightful comment, because I think your absolutely correct on the tablet - it will be a game changer! Already several people who claimed to actually have seen one, but understandably are under non-disclosure, have said that it will be just that - a game changer, and they have even gone so far as to say that they believe it will kill off the ever so popular netbooks that are sprouting up like weeds these days!