Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The iPhone: Who Needs A Stinking Keyboard?

I've lost count of how many times that other wannabe iPhone killers, be it the Palm Pre, the Nokia N95, the BlackBerry Storm, the Droid, and, of course, countless others, have all trumpeted the fact that they all had physical keyboards, while on the other hand, the iPhone had not. But, now, however, thanks to Dragon Dictation for the iPhone (iTune link) I say:

"Who needs a stinking keyboard anyway?"

The answer, thanks to Dragon Dictation:

Absolutely no one, thats who!

As PalmAddict pointed out, "...... desktop Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, lets you do pretty much everything you'd use the iPhone's keyboard for, but now simply by just using your voice."

Yah baby!

No more stinking keyboard required, because with Dragon Dictation on your iPhone you can simply speak it and the iPhone will be listening and ready at your beck and call to activate 'cut-and-paste', speak your next Twiter post, or dictate your next email - you now can do it all, but much more naturally thanks to this amazing piece of software.

Nuance, the company behind Dragon Dictation, have become the leaders in dictation software on the desktop and they point out that even though the average speaker can speak approximately 120 words per minute, most people have typing skills that limit them to around a mere 40 words per minute, so this is software that, as far as I'm concerned, every iPhone really needs and should have.

As far as Dragon Dictation coming to the iPhone is concerned, it's no wonder that Tuaw entitled their post on Dragon Dictation as, "Dragon Dictation comes to the iPhone. Wow." Wow indeed, because, in fact, you can actually get to test drive Dragon Dictation for absolutely free and as such, over a one week period, Mel Martin who wrote the Tuaw post said that he found "...... the accuracy to be very good."

However, he also pointed out and said that, " Accuracy diminishes if you are in a very noisy environment, as I found when I tried some dictation while being driven down the interstate. There were a few errors, but they were easy to correct. To add punctuation to your text, you can say 'period', 'question mark', or 'new paragraph,' and Dragon Dictation adds the appropriate punctuation."

Like Tuaw, I also exclaim "Wow"! This sounds so Star Trek like, and if you ask me, Apple should just try to buy out Nuance completely, just in order to keep this amazing software from eventually ever being ported over to other smart phones, and also thus enabling Apple to directly incorporate it into the iPhone as a free and exclusive built in feature! Sure it would cost Apple a bucket full of cash, but if anyone has a pile of cash just burning holes in their pockets these days it's Apple. I would tend to believe that Apple would quickly make a return on purchasing Nuance and then some, and, as well, to boot, they could also incorporate Dragon's dictation software directly into the desktop version of OS X on the Mac side as well.

In conclusion, I welcome Dragon Dictation for the iPhone, but as sweet as it is, I still think it would be even sweeter if Apple just bought Nuance outright and incorporated this amazingly unique software directly into the iPhone, and its other products as well, like the Mac and the iPod.

Now that would be sweet, really, really sweet!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Tuesday, December 08 , 2009

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