Friday, January 29, 2010

On Second Thought, The iPad Is A New Kind Of Computer - The Sofa Computer!

On second thoughts, even though, like many others, I was initially disappointed in some aspects of the iPad, the more that I really think about it, the more I'm beginning to really appreciate that the iPad is not so much a mobile device, like the iPod or iPhone, but rather that its really a whole new kind of computer, one with the potential of becoming another game changing device in much the same way as the iPod and the iPhone had done before it.

Yes, there certainly is a lot of negative press out there complaining about what the iPad doesn't have, or how its just a big old iPhone Touch or something. However, buried among all of this negative press there is also a lot of positive press feed back as well. Regarding all the negative press, well, Stephen Fry has seen it all before with the original iPhone. In a recent post, he states:

"iPhone and something of a disappointment. I have heard these voices before. In June 2007 when the iPhone was launched I collected a long list of “not impressed”, “meh”, “big deal”, “style over substance”, “it’s all hype”, “my HTC TyTN can do more”, “what a disappointment”, “majorly underwhelmed” and similar reactions. They can hug to themselves the excuse that the first release of iPhone was 2G, closed to developers and without GPS, cut and paste and many other features that have since been incorporated. Neither they, nor I, nor anyone, predicted the “game-changing” effect the phone would so rapidly have as it evolved into a 3G, third-party app rich, compass and GPS enabled market leader. Even if it had proved a commercial and business disaster instead of an astounding success, iPhone would remain the most significant release of its generation because of its effect on the smartphone habitat. Does anybody seriously believe that Android, Nokia, Samsung, Palm, BlackBerry and a dozen others would since have produced the product line they have without the 100,000 volt taser shot up the jacksie that the iPhone delivered to the entire market?"

Wow, Stephen is really a great writer and he really does a great job describing something that I feel is also 100% on the mark, but he even further goes on to correctly predict:

"Nonetheless, even if they couldn’t see that THREE BILLION apps would be downloaded in 2 years (that’s half a million app downloads a day, give or take ) could they not see that this device was gorgeous, beautifully made, very powerful and capable of development into something extraordinary? I see those qualities in the iPad. Like the first iPhone, iPad 1.0 is a John the Baptist preparing the way of what is to come, but also like iPhone 1.0 (and Jokanaan himself too come to that) iPad 1.0 is still fantastic enough in its own right to be classed as a stunningly exciting object, one that you will want NOW and one that will not be matched this year by any company. In the future, when it has two cameras for fully featured video conferencing, GPS and who knows what else built in (1080 HD TV reception and recording and nano projection, for example) and when the iBook store has recorded its 100 millionth download and the thousands of accessories and peripherals that have invented uses for iPad that we simply can’t now imagine – when that has happened it will all have seemed so natural and inevitable that today’s nay-sayers and sceptics will have forgotten that they ever doubted its potential."

I couldn't agree more, and I think that Mr. Fry hit the nail right on the head in the above. In addition, AppleInsider also did a great job as well highlighting some of the many positive statements coming from many of the analysts out there in a recent post that you can read here. One of these analysts, from Broadpint.AmTech, Brian Marshall, already believes that the iPad had, "surpassed expectations" with the iPad reveal. He had initially forecast 2.2 million shipments in the first year, but said he now believes "an order of magnitude higher number is likely more accurate."

For me, anyway, the iPad won't replace a MacBook Pro, or an iPhone or iPod, let alone one of my desktops, but it doesn't have to, that's because the iPad is not so much a mobile computer as it is a new kind of computer - the sofa computer, or a bed computer! Rather then simply packing it up and taking it everywhere with you, like other devices, the iPad is really more of a reclining type of computer, and one that you use while relaxing on a sofa or relaxing in bed, and is one that allows you to intimately snuggle up with it, while reading the morning newspaper, like the New York Times, in bed before going to work, or while lazily reclining on the sofa after returning to catch up on the days sports via an electronic version of Sports Illustrated, or simply listen to some soothing music!

In conclusion, now that I think of it, it's no wonder why Steve demoed the iPad from the comfort of a nice big plush, cosy arm chair... the iPad was simply made for this kind of intimate and relaxing setting, and something now tells me, that a year from now a lot of todays iPad doom sayers will be eating some serious crow. So, hail to the new king of a new kind of computer - the sofa and bed computer. May your reign be a long and a prosperous one.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Friday, January 29, 2010

iPad image via: Apple

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