Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Could Be The Apple Tablet's Biggest Secret Or Surpise!

What possibly could be the biggest secret, or surprise, to come out of Apple's upcoming super-hyped tablet?

Well, Gizmodo recently did a post on what they thought were "History's Five Dumbest Apple Tablet Rumors" and one of their dumbest rumors was something that I personally think could actually be the tablets smartest and biggest secret, or biggest surprise of them all!

So, just what could that possibly be?

Simple: That Apple's tablet may be more than just a tablet - it could be a hybrid tablet/desktop system, one that also boasted the option of doubling as a full-fledged iMac desktop, complete with a large 22 inch multi-touch screen!

Yes, this isn't just a dumb rumor too, because Apple actually took out a patent for such a concept awhile back, namely a patent for an iMac like docking station that could instantly convert any MacBook or tablet into a fully functional desktop iMac!

As you can see, via Gizmodo, in the opening right-hand photo we have an iMac docking station, complete with a built in screen, that allows any tablet to simply slide in and out of its side, converting it from a tablet to a fully functioning iMac desktop!

Despite what Gizmodo may think or say, I tend to think that this is a great and absolutely fantastic concept! It's like having both a portable computer and a desktop computer, but all-rolled-up-into-one, and one that could be instantly converted, on-the-fly, into either one or the other in mere seconds!

I can see students and, business men, for example, using it in class or on business road trips as a mobile device, during the day, and then later in the evening, back at the office or dorm, as a more powerful desktop. This hybrid system would have all of the advantages of a full sized desktop computer, with its larger screen, larger hard drive and larger memory, and all of the advantages of a road toting mobile device with its smaller screen, etc!

In other words: you could have your cake and eat it too!

Of course, the tablet itself would function nicely all on its own, without any need for any iMac docking station. However, in addition, I also believe that any iMac docking station might also have the capability of being wirelessly used not only with the tablet, but possibly, as well, as a wireless monitor for a MacBook, or other Mac as well! However, even though the docking station wouldn't be a necessity, it would still be one jim-dandy of an option, and one that would further extend and enhance the tablets practicality and functionality. It would literally offer you the best from both the desktop and mobile worlds! You could easily and inexpensively start off with the tablet and then later add the iMac docking station, down the road, at your convenience!

Personally, I can easily see myself using such hybrid platform. First, mostly as a large desktop system, and then secondarily, at times, or on rare occasions, as a nifty and small portable device as well. Recently, as stated earlier, Apple filed patents for a 22 inch multi-touch screen equipped iMac, and again it's my firm belief, and hope, that this is exactly what we'll see offered in any optional iMac like docking station.

In conclusion, again, I believe that the biggest secret, or surprise, that could come out of this Wednesday's Apple announcement may be, in fact, that it will indeed be- a hybrid tablet/desktop system! Such a whiz-bang, hybrid system could make it one of the smartest, coolest and most revolutionary platforms ever conceived, giving both desktop and mobile lovers everywhere, everything they could ever possibly want or need, and thus virtually guaranteeing that the iPad, or iSlate, or iTablet, or iWhat-ever-its-called, will be one of Apple's biggest and most game changing devices of all time!

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Monday, January 25, 2010

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