Thursday, January 7, 2010

Will Apple's Tablet Have Special PA Semi Super-Charged Chips?

This year's CES show in Las Vegas seems to have a theme - tablets!

Even though Microsoft didn't unveil its Courier tablet as expected, its colorful CEO, Steve Ballmer, however, did, in actual fact, unveiled a tablet from HP (seen in the above video) that reportedly is more powerful than a phone, but less so than that of a regular PC.

Of course, the one tablet that everyone is most interested in, namely Apple's mystical iSlate, was no were to be seen, but its presence, however, was keenly felt throughout the mammoth consumer and electronic show.

What was especially interesting, however, is that The is now reporting, what I've always thought would be the case, that Apple's 'super' tablet won't be using just any old ordinary chips, but will rather most likely end up using specialized custom ones designed by PA Semiconductor, a company that Apple bought some two years ago!

If that is indeed the case, then it's entirely possible that Apple may license the upcoming powerful ARM 2 chip, but have it fabricated in special ways to include PA Semi's designs, and designs that other ARM 2 users would not have access to, or be able to even hope to match. PA Semiconductor is famous for designing super fast and super power efficient chips, and chips that if used in either its new tablet, or in the iPhone, etc. would certainly give them major advantages over any and all of its competition!

So, will Apple's tablet really end up using specially redesigned and modified PA Semi chips?

I'm betting yes, and that those same PA Semiconductor chips will not only super-charge any Apple tablet, but these modified designed chips will help give Apple's new tablet powers and features that could end up making it a game changer in the same way that the iPod, iPhone and OS X were game changers before it, so here's hoping that the same will be the case here as well.

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