Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Apple's Blow-Out Of A Blow-Out!

As you can see, by clicking on the above chart, via ZDNet, Apple's second quarter earnings were not only another 'Blow-Out', but in actuality you could say that it was more like that of a "Blow-out of a Blow-Out!"

Once again Apple blew away analyst's expectations by reporting a staggering profit of some $3.07 billion dollars on revenues of some $13 billion plus! Wow, what can you say but impressive, impressive indeed! In fact, it was so impressive that at one point Apple, in after hour trading, set an all time stock price of an equally staggering $264 per share! That gave Apple, temporarily at least, a market cap around $243 billion, before settling back down to around $258 per share earlier this morning.

The star of the show, once again, was the iPhone, which posted some really impressive and record breaking numbers that were up by some 131% in units shipped, and up some 124% revenue wise! In China, the world's biggest mobile market, the iPhone was actually up by an incredible and staggering 474%!

The iPhone was not the only thing that showed impressive growth either, as Apple's Mac sales were also up considerably, and that goes especially so for its desktop line which, for all manufacturers, have been steadily eroding due to the pressure from increasing laptop and netbooks sales. Mac laptops, themselves, were up by a very respectable 28%, but unexpectedly and more surprisingly, Mac desktops were up by an even more respectable 40%! Overall, Apple sold just under 3 million new Macs in the past 2nd quarter, which for a non holiday period makes it even all the more amazing.

Even though iPod's were expected to be down, what wasn't expected was that they were down by only a measly 1%. The iPod still sold a more than respectable 10.8 million units, and the really good news here was that more and more of them were of the higher end iPod Touch's, which helped to increase the iPod's overall revenue by some 12%!

In conclusion, when you consider that Apple has yet, once again, set even bigger sales records during what some say is the worse financial crisis in the past 100 years, then you can only conclude that Apple's 'blow-out of a blow-out' 2nd quarter is not only incredible, but maybe even a little-bit down-right miraculous! With the iPad not yet even in the equation, and selling like the old proverbial hot cakes, then we can only speculate on what Apple's next quarter might look like, but, from where I sit, and barring a major economic down turn, then it looks down-right positively bright.

And that's my 2 cents 4 this Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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